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A Mangrove forest



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    As mangroves have been announced in this video, we are updating the status.

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    Mangroves have already been suggested.  Swamps are made of small islands and forests, with a muddy texture.  Pyramids are already in Minecraft, in the form of desert temples.

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    U stole my suggestion!


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    Claysoldier, mangroves and baobabs are not the same thing.  And I don't see any other tree or biome suggestion posts in your history.

    It might be too many suggestions in one thread, but I don't think it's a duplicate.  This ( https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360012562912-Single-sapling-dark-oaks-in-the-swamp ) is the closest thing to a "mangrove" suggestion and it doesn't even have the word mangrove in the title.  This is as much a new biome suggestion as anything as well.  A "mangrove swamp" is a specific kind of swamp that is different than the kind we already have.

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    I thought of that this morning 😝

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    DocProc64 commented

    I swear I’ve suggested this like twice and it never got posted

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    Perhaps Mangrove saplings can be waterlogged and are required to be placed in water to grow?


    Be cool to see Mangrove Swamp as a variant swamp biome.

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    Mud should slow you like soul sand.

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    LunaticOrc15 commented

    Don't be so rude ClaySoldier!

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    Why so salty Claysoldier

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    OsullMine commented

    This should definitely happen

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    CreeperCam 37 commented

    they could grow like chouris fruit but dont break when they touch stuff, this will add more variety i these variants.