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The Gate Keeper (New Nether Mini Boss)


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    StarKittychu commented
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    The nether isn’t hard enough, but, it might be better and more scary and harder. (Which isn’t a bad thing! :3) I agree! I voted! :3 Nice details!

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    tH3INFERNO15 commented
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    Love the Gate Keeper, but what about placing him in Nether Fortresses.  They are kind of unused you only go there for blaze and wither skeleton spawns and maybe the loot. Maybe they can add another mini boss too called the Fortress Baron or perhaps he's an npc that we can trade with.   

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    TheMcExplorer commented
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    Interesting. Honestly I hadn’t even considered a mini boss for the fortresses. Perhaps the fortresses are due for a main room of some sorts? Mini boss arena?