Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things!

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    I would probably just stick with an enchanted diamond sword.

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    Sonicrushfive commented

    Finally! Maybe with this pvp 1v1 matches won't last an entire half hour cause of both players overpowered armor. Using the mace would be risky, cause of how slow it could be, but with skill it could turn the tide of a battle. Love this idea! Voted!

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    Robert Crawley commented

    Firstly, while the idea of the Gate Keeper doesn't particularly grab me (I have nothing against it, its just not my thing), the idea of adding a mace to the game is a brilliant idea! Already in Minecraft there is some work towards creating a more diverse arsenal (axe damage to shields, the trident), and a mace would be an amazing addition to that. Perhaps it should have its own enchantments, such as crushing (same effect as sharpness) and armour breaker (increases % of damage done to armour). They should also do more damage to skeletons/wither skeletons (and maybe the wither) as a mace would be more effective than a sword.

    Also, I have just posted (assuming it gets approved) my own idea for a new weapon, the twinblade, but under the idea of having more new weapons, so as such I have included a link to this post. If you object to this I can remove it, but I thought, as I would like to see new weapons included in the game, that a link was entirely appropriate.

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    Some Animal commented

    I like the mace. What I don't like is the gate keeper. He is not a fleshed out boss like either the Wither, Enderdragon, or Elder Guardian. The boss we need has to have a little more substance before I give my support.