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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things - these will be marked as spam and removed! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical/"sideways"/"upright"/"standing" slabs (yes, we see you).


The Mace (Shield Breaker)


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    Bilbo Baggins commented
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    I would probably just stick with an enchanted diamond sword.

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    Sonicrushfive commented
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    Finally! Maybe with this pvp 1v1 matches won't last an entire half hour cause of both players overpowered armor. Using the mace would be risky, cause of how slow it could be, but with skill it could turn the tide of a battle. Love this idea! Voted!

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    Firstly, while the idea of the Gate Keeper doesn't particularly grab me (I have nothing against it, its just not my thing), the idea of adding a mace to the game is a brilliant idea! Already in Minecraft there is some work towards creating a more diverse arsenal (axe damage to shields, the trident), and a mace would be an amazing addition to that. Perhaps it should have its own enchantments, such as crushing (same effect as sharpness) and armour breaker (increases % of damage done to armour). They should also do more damage to skeletons/wither skeletons (and maybe the wither) as a mace would be more effective than a sword.

    Also, I have just posted (assuming it gets approved) my own idea for a new weapon, the twinblade, but under the idea of having more new weapons, so as such I have included a link to this post. If you object to this I can remove it, but I thought, as I would like to see new weapons included in the game, that a link was entirely appropriate.

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    Some Animal commented
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    I like the mace. What I don't like is the gate keeper. He is not a fleshed out boss like either the Wither, Enderdragon, or Elder Guardian. The boss we need has to have a little more substance before I give my support.

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    tH3INFERNO15 commented
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    I like your idea a lot, but there's a little bit of tweaking needed.  I'm assuming the Gatekeeper mini boss is by itself in a different category.  Assuming Shield Breaker is a rare item does it start off enchanted with something?  People are going to be upset if maces can break armor.  Imagine grinding xp and enchanting to just lose your full diamond armor with Protection, Feather Falling, Mending, Unbreaking and so on.  You'd be heart-broken, I think it should damage the player, either more than a trident/diamond sword or have an enchantment that reduces protection %.  The cost would be that it's slower, but it does more criticals.

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    TheMcExplorer commented
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    I’ve seen the feedback everyone’s been giving. I want to thank you. I plan on reading over the posts I made last year and see what needs tweaking. It appears not everyone is too fond of the mini boss. I’m completely open to suggestions to improving it.

    Thank you all again for your feedback,

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    Wilmer Chacon commented
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    I like the armor damage idea althrough i'll suggest this as a new item that damage more the armor than the own user as you said.

    It could be pretty good item and i recommend something:

    Why not make this a item/tool that can be crafted.

    M M M
    M S M
    X S X

    Now the name shield breaker sounds cool but Armor Breaker sounds cooler for a mace althrough shield breaker sounds more to an possible enchantment for the mace

    Some utilities that it can do (Example: Wood)
    +3 Damage (+1 per material level)
    +0.5 Knockback ( +0.5 per material level)
    +1 Damage to durability (+0.5 per material level)
    All of these can increase with the quality of the material stated on the ().
    Slow Cooldown between hits.
    Can break type stone block on one shot but instead of giving the block it gives a piece of the stone with a triangular shape that has some uses like creating a new arrow or used as an proyectile to the dispenser.
    If it is a ore block type it simply works like a slower version of the pickaxe.
    Now your Armor breaker would be one wich has a difference from the netherite one (if included) it would do the same damage as a trident with their bonus making this a very strong weapon if you find it.

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    Hayden Spence commented
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    This could be crafted from a stick, the new chain block, and an iron ingot.

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    truggles1 commented
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    No shattering diamond that would make mining for days to get diamond useless instead it should be severely damaged when it hits diamond and does 4 hearts of damage to the player but it does normal damage to the armor or  they are an artifact dropped from zombies that could be added to diamond armor to make it mace resistant but I don't want to waste days of mining for diamonds at y coordinate 12!!!!!!!