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Strictly for humanoid and humanoid type mobs feedback and suggestions. Bugs, duplicate ideas, lists of things, and support issues will be deleted.


The Mythos Dimension – Humanoid Mobs


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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    I don’t know about some creatures being immune to overworld weapons.

    I suggest that emeralds still be the currency with tree folk.

    Dryads should be very susceptible to fire by spreading it when on fire and taking more damage from it than regular mobs.  They do not drop anything when burned, though.

    Mrermaids should drop prismarine shards and fish instead of scales in order to reduce the number of new items needed.

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    Some creatures being immune to overworld weapons is there to encourage players to work through the new magic system.  I made sure that all of the ones that are immune can be avoided without too much trouble.  Although it would be fine if they were all just reduced damage as long as the magic system is worthwhile to work though on its own merits.

    Emeralds could be the currency with the tree folk.  I just worry that it would be too powerful to be able to just bring your emerald stash from the overworld and buy everything.

    I don't like the idea of Dryads being susceptible to spread fire.  It would basically be encouraging you to burn down the forests because lighting a fire in a Minecraft forest is a very risky thing to do.

    One reason I'm including so many new items is due to the magic crafting system.  Obviously, they can be pruned in a logical manner if the system works with fewer items.  However, I don't think the crafting system should include overworld items for multiple reasons.  The first is the issue of bringing overworld items to do the crafting instead of needing to fight the local creatures.  (imagine if you could get ghast tears from an overworld mob that is easier to kill than a ghast)  The second is related to the lore, as one of the main reasons why the good witches that came to the overworld had to adapt and find new magic was because of the lack of the ingredients they needed.


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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    Emeralds would fit in better with the lore.  Trading could be more expensive in this dimension to avoid mass trading.

    Spreading fire may have been a bad idea.  I think it should be effective but dangerous to catch a dryad on fire.  Maybe fire within, say, a 10 block radius of a dryad angers the dryad.

    The reason I want to reduce the number of new items is to make the game less confusing, avoid duplicates (or near duplicates) of other items, and deter players from slaughtering all of a specific mob if the mob drops too many new, rare items.  I am fine with items that meet those criteria.

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    I could definitely agree that spreading fire nearby would anger the Dryad.  Then starting a forest fire would get a hoard of very angry Dryad coming after you. x3

    The magic system is more akin to the enchanting system than the potion system.  You need a continuous supply of ghast tears if you want to keep using potions of regeneration.  However, once you get the diamond tier gear you want, you don't need to kill any more Mythos creatures.  Unless you die and lose it, of course.  And more of the "killing things" kind of ingredients could be sold by the Tree Folk (at a high price) to remove the need for slaughter if it's a problem. =3

    I also did my best to trim items where I could.  I started by having an entirely new tier system for spelled items (local wood, copper, silver, and platinum).  Then I decided that needlessly added too many new items, so I trimmed that back, only keeping copper to replace stone tools and add an extra armor tier.

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    Also, if all mobs become hostile when attacked, it would prevent slaughtering.  The more item drops, the higher the attack.

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    Anything that drops anything really useful does become hostile when attacked.  The only passive mobs that drop anything are the deer and the moon rabbits, and they would be used for the lowest tier spells.  Bsaically, their items would only be used as a stepping stone to get to the good stuff.  Anything that drops anything good is going to fight back.

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    So your saying for Mermaids they are Basically like Sirens Because your saying there Hostile the only Mermaid mythical Creature is a Siren. The Siren Should be on rocks if you look at them you will get dragged if your in a bout and they will turn into the these weird looking Monsters And try to attack you.