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    Spiker0808 commented

    I've actually been looking for where to mention this. I believe this would be possible if OneDrive (Microsoft's multi platform cloud storage) was incorporated into Minecraft. Even if they don't add this with the ability to use addons, I would at least like my custom skin on Xbox.

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    nrchamp commented

    I came here just to look for this. An in game repository slimier to that of Beam.ng Drive is probably the best option. It is an ingame menu of different Mods and doing this with addons would be amazing!

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    RomaqRosher commented


    For all the functionality they are adding to Bedrock Add-ons, Java Edition *lacks* this ability to add in new entities, and I'm not clear why Add-ons are not a given in Java. Pretty much the same as why I'm not clear why Data Packs are not on Bedrock, given how useful each is to the one platform they are on.

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    bugMan2431 commented

    I love the idea of adding entities in an addon, and im practically bursting with ideas. the only issue is that I play mostly on the switch, and theres no good way that I know of to transfer custom addons over from my computer. If Mojang or Microsoft incorporated some way for two devices under the same account to "talk" to each other to transfer addons, it would be so helpful.

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    Jacob Neel commented

    Can we also make it possible for PS4?

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    Peter Duprey commented

    This must happen.

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    zycamzip commented

    I own both the java version and xbox version, but for my computer, I am unable to use the java version, slows my computer too much. I have seen some awesome addons for java, but need a tool to convert them to mcpack files. Perhaps just having a tool to do that work work?

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    MassimoDestroy7 commented

      As a person who plays almost EXCLUSIVELY on Xbox I love the idea as I can only do add-ons on pocket edition currently


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    LKGAMER04 commented

    I bought a few Add.ons on PS3 and then they stopped the support for it. Now I can't use them on PS3 and it would be more better if I could use them on PC, too.

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    xAcid WolfPack commented

    Yes please do this!


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