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  • 105 votes

    (Start Here) Welcome to the Add-Ons Feedback Area

    “For the uninitiated, an Add-On is basically a pack of files that lets you change how Minecraft's world works. Want 50ft chickens? You can have them! Want to create a pigman army to do your bidding...
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    Bulldozer mod needed

    For the Adcanced Farming game mode, there should be a bulldozer to clear up layers of dirt and level an area.
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    Adoro o jogo
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    My ideas

    I want to be able to have a mod that allows me to become anything I have killed in Minecraft  
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    make console updates faster!

    make the console uptades faster sure!, computer players are ok because they get the oportunity of being the first ones trying the uptades but console players have to wait litteraly months to get th...
  • 1 vote

    easy commands

    we need easyer commands to make maps easily without needing years of command knowledge, add easyer commands as the ones on scratch wich is for kids, it must be avaiable for xbox one, ps 4 and compu...
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    I think it would be good if paint was added to the game so you could have a house with a different colour on each side whilst still being 1 block thick. You would be able to craft it with dyes to m...
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    Светящиеся факела в руке игрока

    Сделайте светящие факела в руке игрока в PE Minecrafte
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    Stuff I want Minecraft to have

    Transformers and lasers    
  • 1 vote

    edit player stuff

    pleas make it so we can mess with player stuff like health, speed, and animations.  
  • 1 vote

    Тема для новой версии майнкрафт!

    Я хочу предложить вам дополнение к деревне "город" (Пригород) в городе будет администратор его будут охранять Лучники! Там будет работа, на которую нужно устроиться и получать Изумруды за...
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    Ahmad Naufal

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    Выдайте мне пожалуйста спайка
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  • 9 votes

    Make TileEntities like Chest, Furnaces, Beacons, Hoppers exposed in (Add-ons)

    Hey had a cool nifty idea for Add-ons that I wanted to share basically my idea is for all TileEntities like chest, furnaces, enchantment tables, spawners, etc... to be added to add-ons so we can gi...
  • 7 votes

    (Java Parity) Add Vanilla Structures to Resource Packs

    Add vanilla structures into Minecraft Resource Packs like java edition so they can be data-driven.Igloos, villages, strongholds, end cities and let us use replace the structures in the resource pac...
  • 5 votes

    add-ons are useless in current form

    I understand you want to protect sellers, but this makes add-on useless as I can't use it with my texture pack, can't use the assets in survival, or modify the add-on further to my liking. It would...
  • 4 votes


    Please add a query "query.mark_variant",for mark variants
  • 21 votes

    add-on items should be available to the creative inventory.

    add-on items should be available to the creative inventory if the creator chooses to do so. and there should be at least something of a website which you can make add-ons without the whole complica...
  • 9 votes

    A decent add-on API documentation

    I really don't like the basic API docs in a Wiki. If you're serious about this, you document this on a good, developer-oriented, web site.
  • 90 votes

    An Official Add-on Site

    Add-ons are so cool now that you can add your own mobs, but it's difficult to find a good website to download them. Like one I use has a bunch of good add-ons, but it also has a bunch of adflys! It...
  • 7 votes

    Add-on api changes and needs

    Minecraft bedrock need a site to inform owners about there add-on being outdated,updates breaking there add-ons,or certain thing that may or may not work right.plus knowing this is a beta i think f...
  • 46 votes

    Add-ons App

    It would be good to create an application with which you can create add-ons forma minecraft PE 1.8.0 por higher, since there are people like me who want to create their own add-on, but de can not b...
  • 5 votes

    Command Trigger Event Entity Component

    Please add a command trigger event to entities so we can trigger events with a certain chat message here's an example: command_trigger: "/edit [0, 1]", "/kill_creepers".