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  • 63 votes

    (Start Here) Welcome to the Add-Ons Feedback Area

    “For the uninitiated, an Add-On is basically a pack of files that lets you change how Minecraft's world works. Want 50ft chickens? You can have them! Want to create a pigman army to do your bidding...
  • 1 vote


    Please add a query "query.mark_variant",for mark variants
  • 3 votes

    add-on items should be available to the creative inventory.

    add-on items should be available to the creative inventory if the creator chooses to do so. and there should be at least something of a website which you can make add-ons without the whole complica...
  • 2 votes

    A decent add-on API documentation

    I really don't like the basic API docs in a Wiki. If you're serious about this, you document this on a good, developer-oriented, web site.
  • 27 votes

    An Official Add-on Site

    Add-ons are so cool now that you can add your own mobs, but it's difficult to find a good website to download them. Like one I use has a bunch of good add-ons, but it also has a bunch of adflys! It...
  • 1 vote

    Add-on api changes and needs

    Minecraft bedrock need a site to inform owners about there add-on being outdated,updates breaking there add-ons,or certain thing that may or may not work right.plus knowing this is a beta i think f...
  • 17 votes

    Allow entities to emit light and make a light source

    With the ability to add new entities I suggest we should be able to make entities be a light source or make them emit a light like a torch with or without it counting as a way to prevent mob spawning!
  • 14 votes

    Add-ons App

    It would be good to create an application with which you can create add-ons forma minecraft PE 1.8.0 por higher, since there are people like me who want to create their own add-on, but de can not b...
  • 3 votes

    Command Trigger Event Entity Component

    Please add a command trigger event to entities so we can trigger events with a certain chat message here's an example: command_trigger: "/edit [0, 1]", "/kill_creepers".
  • 9 votes

    biomes_sky_client.json To Resource Packs

    Add a biomes_sky client.json file to resource packs so we can change the color of the sky for each Minecraft Biome individually, so we mc creators can deliver a truly creative experience to all Min...
  • 2 votes

    Add Nether Cubemap To The Resource Packs

    Give us the ability to change/edit the nether cube-map just like we can do for the overworldinside of the environment folder, we can currently only edit the end and overworld cube-maps.root_resourc...
  • 11 votes

    Behavior Pack - Entity Component

    Add the entity's ability to execute command by a new component like: "minecraft:behavior.execute_command", Example Component: "minecraft:behavior.execute_command": { "p...
  • 29 votes

    Texture Packs/Resource Packs: Import from third party sources

    I recommend solidifying resource/texture pack add-ons. Allow users to add them directly into any platform without having to purchase them from the marketplace. Perhaps add them from a PC or mobile ...
  • 5 votes

    Mixing current jobs and create new ones with add ons using those designs

    Hi mojang, I was wondering if you could add a feature to Minecraft called re mixing current mob designs when making new mobs with add ons. But maybe if your making add ons that are designed to do t...
  • 8 votes

    Addons for everyone, including beta testers

    Addons should not be allowed to just only PC and IOS versions of Minecraft PE, or at least if addons won't and can't be released to everyone, then why not the beta users, I think they deserve it fo...
  • 14 votes

    [Bedrock Edition] Scripting and designing HUDs on Bedrock Edition with Add-ons

    This can already be done on Java Edition with Minecraft Forge and other mod creation software, but not with Bedrock Edition add-on files. I recently had the idea with creating a custom HUD, but upo...
  • 46 votes

    Transfer Addons for all platforms

    Addons can greatly improve your Minecraft experience, but the are not available on Xbox and nintendo switch. We need some kind of transfer system so we can enjoy addons on all platforms. Have like ...
  • 9 votes

    Additional File compatibility (was: files on bedrock)

    most of the maps and textures on the internet that many players like myself can't grasp due to the fact most of them are made by Java players so there .zip files and many like myself can't use beca...
  • 18 votes

    mcfiles browser, Xbox one Bedrock (was: xbox addons)

    on minecraft bedrock edition xbox one you can add a browser for mc files
  • 56 votes

    Add-on functionality mobs

    For starters this isnt another "let us add our own custom mobs" post. I'm actually really impressed with the current add-on setup. By making sure all assests in the game are the same acro...
  • 48 votes

    Add .mcskin

    You could add the datatype .mcskin. It‘s like .mcpack and .mcworld and Imports a skin.