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Add the /customcommand


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    firt of all it woudont be hard to make, since u can just make a /shortcut (or just /command) command or something that links a / command to a function which you have made with a bethaviour pack.

    /shortcut syntax: /shortcut add/remove {name} (if add, command needs -->) {function name}

    /command syntax /command create/remove/edit/ 

    if create: {command name} {function name} impulse/conditional/repeat

        if impulse: end

        if conditional: {event}

        if repeat: {tepeat delay (ticks)}

    if edit: (just to edit the damn command)

    if remove: {CommandName}


    so u coud like make commandblocks but virtually with this, u coud just make 1 commandblock run a command that does lots of things, i think this woud be a great feature for map makers and maybe even bethaviour pack makers.

    (i just hope evryone understand the syntax i know its messy)



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    Mojang pls add this I am trying to make it to where I cam remove nametags on bedrock edition but I cant unless I have java because I dont have the teams command so if I could use teams command that would be alot easier and why dont java and bedrock have the same commands anyways

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