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    RedstoneSteve1 commented

    First of all, that would take years of coding. Second of all, as far as I know, it’s impossible. Just creating your own command sounds cool, but it is way to complex to be a feature.

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    Tonl YT commented

    if its about making a shortcut command (a custom command that you can make that does a longer command), or a command that can do a sequence of commands at once, I love it

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    tryashtar ⁣ commented

    "/function" is an existing command that can do a sequence of commands

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    Gonzalo Vargas commented


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    MechanicTadpole commented

    I think that if this was in-game you could make it only activate multiple commands at once or a short way of typing  a long command E.G. /gohome tps you to you house 

    syntax /customcommand add <name> <command1> <command2> <command3>

    syntax details. name:what you will type in the chat to activate the command(s) will be prefixed by / automatically

    command1/2/3 the commands to execute when the command is entered


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    Pe brito commented

    Not with a command, but maybe with datapacks. I've already suggested functions with parameters and function commands that run these functions, that could do what you suggested.
    IMO it'd make much more sense than a command that creates commands.

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    RomaqRosher commented

    The problem with /function is the granting of some, but not necessarily all players the right to use it the way /trigger does.
    The problem with /trigger is the arcane way for players to do something simple like "/home": /trigger home set 1.

    I would suggest a "custom command" in the form of an *alias*. /home could be an *alias* for /trigger home set 1 with the "permissions" checking actually done by /scoreboard as part of the /trigger command, but the *player* only has to remember /home.

    Or for a function, it's the same: "/function something/dothing" can be aliased to "/dothing."

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    Indseta05 commented

    You could just make shortcuts of existing commands, and for more advanced circuits you just setblock redstoneblock next to a chain line. /wood is much easier and shorter than /give player wood, /gm1 is much easier and shorter than /gamemode 1.

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    tryashtar commented

    The brigadier library makes it extremely easy to add commands with a simple mod. For that reason I don't think it's necessary to support with overkill JSON files.


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    isaac manning commented

    I would love that so you could create your own commands without mods, and do you want that in MCPE, and Java edition, or just Java edition, or just MCPE?

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    Nova "inkycatz" Barlow commented

    We like suggestions for all versions of Minecraft here. :)

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    isaac manning commented

    ok sounds like a plan

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    OrlaDog commented

    "First of all, that would take years of coding." How? It would just be an alias for a /trigger or /function

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    Рома Яценко commented

    Я бы хотел создавать свои комманды и 5おd日ぇ

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    Рома Яценко commented

    とても良い考え :3

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    s1lv3rm0nster commented

    Yesss please mojang add this please to bedrock edition

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    UnduePrince5527 commented

    I really did want to make my very own command 😊 ¬_¬

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    PastorDarling commented

    I really want to do commands or like example to dance but I just can't! I want to dance or cry or do what I want to do. It is just I don't have the mods or things you need I don't know. But you get what I'm saying right?

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    CloudPhase commented

    You could make it to were you could make your own command name (Like /hub, /spawn, or /lobby) and have them do other commands like [/tp 1 2 3]. You could make it to were only specific could use it. (So like any one could do /hub, but others could do /i commandblock)

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    NinjaPuffin5 commented

    This would work not as creating a command but as creating a shortcut right? For example: /customcommand gms = gamemode survival @s. or maybe it could use /shortcut create/remove/view? /shortcut create killwithers = kill @e [type =wither] or somthing like that. Great idea

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    GiggyMicrosoft commented

    I think the format would be:

    /commandalias <name> <op level> <command1> <command1's variable> <command2> and so on.

    btw op levels are 0 = anyone, 1 = any operator, 2 = the owner of the world.

    Example: /commandalias "killall" 2 /kill @a

    Or, /commandalias "what" 0 /help <page> /say what

    Usage: /killall (everyone dies)

    /what 3 (brings up page 3 of /help then says <user>: what)

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    Mr MessyNuggets commented

    I think it’s a great idea keep coming up with those ideas!

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    papermarioalex commented

    What your saying does not make sense. Maybe it COULD be a command that runs existing commands at the same time.

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    Agrajag1872 commented

    I feel like this could almost be feasible. Because all you'd need to do is allow individual worlds to have their own command lists, which could be a good idea for adventure maps anyway. And then you could set up a similar situation like /tp and /teleport, where multiple commands do the same thing. And then you need to make the option to make the command have multiple syntax.

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    Alex Tyrer commented

    This would be a really great addition to the game as things like clone commands can get messy really quickly so just being able to type a small command would make it much easier

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    Juanita Goodman commented

    Like a function in java


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    Pupp3tGaming101 commented

    You can already sort of make "custom commands" with the /trigger command

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    MrFunnyDummy commented

    yeah why not add /customcommand level (1 2 3) [<trigger>] [<command>] <syntax>

    1 everyone 2 all ops 3 owner / person who created world

    syntax can me like worlds or something like you type in chat /customcommand level 1 123 5 /something 123 and when someone types "/something 123" it is the same as "/trigger add 123 5" (i thing thats how trigger works)

    so u can make something like /customcommand level 1 spawn 1 /spawn and it = /trigger add spawn 1

    or maby just add it in data packs and do something like skript commands but build into minecraft

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