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Add the /customcommand


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    iGODfSOUND commented

    This would be usefull

    /customcommand add <commandname> (extra) (trigger|function)
    <commandname> : name of the command used

    /customcommand add <commandname> function <function> <operator>
    ex.  /customcommand add home function gos_sethome:home false
           /customcommand add god function gos_admin:god true

    /customcommand add <commandname> trigger <trigger> <parameter> <operator>
    ex.  /customcommand add bid trigger bid true false
           /customcommand add giveDiamond trigger giveItem 8 true
    /customcommand add <commandname> extra <name> trigger <trigger> <parameter> <operator>
    ex.  /customcommand add warp extra spawn trigger warp 1 false
           /customcommand add warp extra adminZone trigger warp 10 true

    /customcommand remove <commandname>
    /customcommand list

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    Zane sambell commented

    yyeeesss as a map maker I NEED this.. BUT not custom commands (to much coding) simply a shortcut command similar to /function. but you wouldn't have to type /function. this NEEDS to be added!!!

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    not gonna lie, I like that idea!

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    Platacats commented


    Would be great for:

    • /discord - For server / realm voicechats
    • /rules - Again for servers

    Adding the ability to use JSON elements with it or a separate file to control them.

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    Dylan Jones commented

    This could work as a shortcut, especially for functions. I have heard suggested the command /alias for that. Another suggestion for custom commands is to let datapacks set such aliases, which would be more powerful (it would allow more information for inputs).
    Even if datapacks implement command aliases, a command like this would could be very convenient.

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    quipsi.quips commented

    Eventually in a Datapack.

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    I'd be happy if they just made it not so ugly to trigger scoreboard objectives

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    tanteturner commented

    could just be /custumcommand "add/remove/modify" "name of the to be added command" "some command that is executed" so for example: "/customcommand add spawn tp @s 0 10 0" or something

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    That is stupid and impossible

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    ElProAhreNo commented

    Very GOOD