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Sea horses

under review


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    BrightPrune50 commented
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    Find them in Kelp forests and Coral reefs. Breed 2. One sea horse drops multiple eggs and the other one picks them up. the 1 who picked them up keeps the eggs for 5-9 in-game days. Releases the baby Sea horses and the player can tame just one baby for all the babies 2 go with the player. and when they grow up the player can attach leads to 4 of the Sea horses. Press a key/ button/screen 2 tell the Sea horses to Go. U can ride them like a land horses. and when u want 2 stop the sea horses just Press a button/key/screen 2 stop them. My idea.

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    HKfortysevn commented
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    Shayla Waller I will have to disagree (amicably) with your disagreement. This add on may get two birds with one stone. Chests on boats are far too easy of a mechanic (we would just fish all day), a Llama does not fare well on open seas & a Hippocampus (HC) is essentially a mer-horse; a rose of a sea-horse by another name.
    I like the ideas of taming them with a good deal of seaweed/kelp, variable-stats/saddles/breeding on par with horses & the possibility of a chest added to an equipped saddle (might be asking too much.) However, given the pure raw awesomeness of such an addition, you would only find 2-3 HC's swimming around Ocean Monuments. It would take a lot of time to get one tamed & back home, let alone two!
    Edit: But as for specifically Sea Horses, they would make a lovely aesthetic amidst the reefs.
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    That's so cute! But as a load of the comments have said we definitely need something else to these mobs. I for one am so up for a Hippocampus type mob that you can tame and ride. I see them being loads of different colours! I feel like they should have different personalities. Some run away from you and hide in water caves. This means that you have a chance of drowning as you're trying to catch up to it to tame it. Then some, maybe, try to drown you. Like they're more vicious, like a wild horse trying to throw you off, but instead they hold you under the water. This gives them an extra level of challenge. I think you should tame them with something on land as it would make sense that they would then trust you as you've given them something that they're unable to get themselves. I can also see them being a bit like Sirens and singing whale-like beautiful melodies that'll lure an unsuspecting player to them and maybe giving a potion effect called something like drowsiness that's a mixture of slowness, mild nausea and mild blindness. I feel like they'd drop their scales, which can then be used to brew the drowsiness potion, and/or leather. I also think they have a very low chance of dropping a heart of the sea (even though I don't really want to see farms for them but I do think we need a way to get these items that's easier than just exploring). I think they should spawn in coral reefs, kelp forests and iceberg areas. As well as Ocean Monuments and, rarely, Ship-wreaks.

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    You should able to ride them and I want them big

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    Smarthoowen commented
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    Maybe the sea horses could spawn in coral reefs in many colors and if you killed one it would drop the corresponding color of coral.