How can we improve the existing moving creatures of Minecraft? Show us your coolest fantasy creatures. We are very interested in ideas that are unique and not just lists of mobs!

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    Jay4Rapper2nd commented

    seahorses are my mums favourite animal :) I think that would be great... also jellyfish to add a bit more danger to the ocean.

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    William Miller commented

    They sound like they would be useful as a potion ingredient.

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    DoggoneDeer1318 commented

    yes please

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    WaitingBaker26 commented

    It seems my suggestion for giant sea-horse mounts was deemed "too similar" to this suggestion that is asking for tiny uninteractive passive mobs. In my opinion, "seahorse" shouldn't be enough for my idea to be rejected. I'd like to see sea-horses like the ones you mention, but I don't think my own suggestion for giant rideable seahorses should have been deleted. Why do I bring it up here? To ask your opinion. Do you think the idea of seahorses that are big and can be mounted is different enough from this to be its own suggestion?

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    aernado commented

    I agree with WaitingBaker26.  Maybe instead of a seahorse, it could be a hippocampus, which is a greek creature that looks like a sort of mer-horse.  Maybe they could come in different colors for the horse and fish parts.  That would really make it interesting.

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    SpawnLegacy000 commented

    @fernando galian's Whistle Horse is the best suggestion on here. It causes you to dance (rotate when singing)! And you can make a potion from it causing mobs to dance as well.

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    liammeyer7 commented

    What WaitingBaker26 and aernado said is actually good ideas for the first mountable sea mob. They could be made that they can dive deep into the ocean and while be mounted they give off a water breathing effect. It would be good to add another new mob as a foe to the seahorses/hippocampus such as a shark or even giant crabs.

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    William Rey commented

    Yaaaaaaas! Getting mad Aquaman vibes. I'd love to experience mounted combat on these badboys too.

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    cowpowah commented

    Yeah honestly an underwater mount would be awesome.  Giant kelp forests seem like a fitting habit for a mysterious mythical sea creature.

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    AgentCPU0 commented

    There's a resource pack by someone called In_Nova that turns large tropical fish into seahorses, and the model is cool. If this gets implemented, it should be somewhat based on that

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