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Filter Hoppers | One way pipes


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    Clarified subject to help search results.

    Thanks for your contribution.

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    Filter hoppers would be a nice addition, but the pipes idea sounds a lot like my suggestion for item transport tubes.  If not, could you expand on your description of them to show how they're different?

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    Maybe instead of pipes, you could simply have a hopper (or a new type of hopper) and be able to select (using the boxes) what items you will let through. Like you could make it where you click the first box in this type of hopper, and it will come up with a menu, and you can pick one type of item this hopper will accept. You can do the same with the second box, then the third and so on.

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    @AquaTax02 : No need for a menu, just make one slot where you permanently put in one item of the type you want to let through. If this "filter/comparing hopper" finds an item identical to the one in the slot, it pushes it to a container downwards of the hopper. Otherwise, it behaves like a normal SIDEWARDS hopper and pushes it sidewards. There would be 3 inventories instead of one: The first inventory with 5 slots would contain items that were put into this hopper, but were not compared to the comparison slot, yet. Items identified as a positive match with the comparison item, are put into the second (bottom) inventory row of 1 slot, from where they are treated as follows: Only items in here can be absorbed by hoppers below, and they will be push into containers/hoppers below. All other items go into the 3rd inventory of 5 slots, which will be pushed into the next sidewards hopper.

    I recommend this "sidewards" system instead of a "downwards" system to reduce sorting space/materials required. I usually tend to put many different items into the same box in the end, for example I have a "redstone double chest", where I put in all of my redstone stuff: Redstone, Redstone blocks, redstone torches, comparators etc. If the stuff I sort would always go downwards 1 block with each comparison, it would be very difficult to set up.

    Why is this needed?

    Current "automated storage systems" are very large and consume high amounts of RAM. With such a block, it would be much easier to have an automated storage, and it would be faster, too.

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    I think i would go with the idea of "filtering hoppers" that only had 1 inventory slot and which crafting recipe would be:

    -1 hopper

    -1 redstone repeater

    -1 redstone comparator

    -2 redstone dust

    -1 redstone torch

    -3 stone

    Which are the items currently used to make filters.

    "Filtering hoppers" would always keep 1 item unless manually taken off and would work exactly as hoppers work beyond those facts.


    The advantages of this approach are:

    -Current sorting systems could be updated with just minor changes.

    -Coding would be fast and simple  since that would be a 'copy-paste' from hoppers, change inventory stack size to 1 and make it not to allow other hoppers to take the last unit from the held the stack, neither send it to the facing inventory.

    -Simple GUI.

    -Possibility of creating a several filter leading finally to the same chest in a reduced space.

    -Adventure maps with some kind of keys easy to make (and I would love to see what redston crazy people would do with this).



    -Cannot sort items whose stack size is 1 (swords, armor and such).

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    Love this idea: Filter Hoppers! I really wish I could filter non-stackable items!!! (mainly for empty shulker boxes for auto-loading storage systems).

    This would also make a multi-item storage container viable. Currently one would need a semi-large room for multiple filter-setups per storage-container --- making the current setup HUGE for a full storage system. Filter hoppers would drastically minimize the physical space required.

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    I like this idea, especially being able to have the pipe feed upward virtically.  Really hate that you hoppers can't feed upward.

    BUT, what if they added filtered chests?

    • Crafting:

      • Chest + Comparitor

      • 8 planks with comparitor in middle (chest recipe + comparitor)

    • Looks

      • Same as regular chest except the front view, around the latch has darker tint (similar to how trapped chest has a redish tint around latch)

    • Interface

      • Replace first two columns of item slots with a single slot for the item to filter for

      • If filter slot is empty chest excepts any and all items like normal chest. Otherwise only accepts items of same type as filter slot

    • Hopper Interaction

      • Inventory slots work with hoppers like normal except that they follow filtering rules

      • Filter Item slot does not interact with hoppers

    • Minecarts

      • Works just like regular minecart chests except filtering rules apply

    • Limitations

      • Losing the 6 invenotry slots to make room for filter slot balances out the hopper slots usually needed for traditional hopper/redstone filtering methods

      • Filtered Chests cannot be doubled. If more storage space needed, use hopper to feed into additional chests

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    Perhaps they could be copper pipes made with the new ore from the caves and cliffs update?

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    Please Add this. Hoppers are making so much lag on server please optimize Hoppers and add Filter hoppers. so, complicated redstone mashines for filtering is so easy with filter hoppers.