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Fishing tweaks to encourage fishing in proper bodies of water


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    This is the best solution for AFK fishing farms I've ever seen, because it greatly discourages them, rather than trying to break them outright, and at the same time encourages classic, properly-done fishing. I wish I could give this a good 10 upvotes.

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    graviatar commented
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    I totally agree.

    My idea for fishing would be more extreme, involving actual fish mobs being required to be caught. However, this alternative means of fishing would be fine if it were implemented. I've always disliked how exploitable the fishing mechanic is, so this new restriction would balance it out and encourage people to go find or make a body of water instead of sitting in their small contraptions.

    Although despite that, there would still be a way to make an AFK fishing farm through connection to a larger body of water, so I do not know if it would make that much of a difference, however it certainly would be more challenging to make such.