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Turning off monsters only

under review


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    I would have no problem seeing this in the game.  As annoying keeping my hunger bar up is, I still like to challenge myself to have sustainable food all the time in survival, peaceful mode or not.

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    Kevin Shi commented

    You could set up a command block clock that constantly kills monsters. Although I wouldn't mind Mojang adding this as a separate gamerule from doMobSpawning. Maybe doHostileSpawning?

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    That would help with making Minecraft more realistic.


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    Rockanoid commented

    This is the perfect “Family Friendly Mode”, where you can build your towns, harvest your crops and tend your livestock. It’s like playing “living” in Minecraft, where gathering and eating food is important. This would, of course, also mean that automatic healing is disabled too.

    Our family have always dreamed of playing Minecraft like this and I really wonder, why it haven’t been implemented yet. :) 

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    Rbot12 commented

    It always bothered me that so many aspects of the game were based on the real world but you couldn't get rid of the monsters. I've always wanted to play a game without the pesky mobs. But should the woodland mansions stay?

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    Aspergerian commented

    What I can see happening, is perhaps have two separate gamerules in terms of mob spawning (instead of only just domobspawning).


    They can be:

    /gamerule dofriendlymobspawning


    /gamerule dohostilemobspawning

    (for Easy, Normal, and Hard/Hardcore)


    How does this sound?

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    TubsO28 commented

    I think the game needs to rethink how it does difficulty. Monsters spawning, Exit Without saving, Pausing the game at any time, maybe even save states could all be thought about as different ways to make our difficulty systems more interesting and customizable. Just upping damage and making hunger go faster is not a real dynamic way of making the game harder. Like how Ultra Hardcore makes it that you cant revive hearts just by eating and if you die you lose your world. Things like UHC makes difficulty more of a challenge than just choosing Hard so your mob spawner will spawn more mobs. 

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    ShesayaLP commented

    i would be happy if you can disable only creepers or their explosions on terrain like the TNT is there to disable that but works not for creepers.

    Ofcourse there is mobgriefing false but with this used, the villigers dont work anymore on farms. so this should be seperated from that gamerule in my opinion, maybe there are more interested to see this coming be it in java and or bedrock edition. 

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    Mc Rat commented

    I don't understand this, but I guess it should be a choice

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    Here is a thought. Have setting & gamerule “hostile mobs” and “hostile structures”. They separate and do not effect eachother. “Hostile mobs” will toggle normal hostile mob spawning. “hostile structures” will toggle hostile mob spawning in structures such as woodland mansions, monuments, dungeons, endcities, the endergragon, ect. You could also have peacful mode on and still have monsters spawn (if your setting are that way) but they will be ambivalent towards the player. Finally, we could have “hunger loss” as its own toggle option as well.

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    AlacasterS0I commented

    /gamerule peaceful{hostile_mob_spawning}



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    I highly agree with the title.
    Yes, monsters can be a fun challenge at night or in dark places, but at some point it gets very very annoying for players who just want to build in survival, or players who just don't want to deal with monsters.
    There must be an option to disable monster spawning only.

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    I'ts a good idea but it might be too easy.-----:)


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    BeeBookWizard commented

    Why not just have a /togglehunger Command?
    Or a /gamerule dohungerbar true/falsea command available to all gamemodes?

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    Fadel Fauzi commented


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    I think you should make players lose hunger in peaceful mode

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    anbot139 commented

    I think we should be able to disable/enable specific mobs. Example...                     

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    Valiant7000 commented

    I think there's a mod for that. There might be a bedrock addon too.