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    ClayGoddessSari commented

    This would be awesome, but it would also require them to give free cloud storage with the xbox account.  At least that's the impression I get from your description.

    It might work better for them to just facilitate syncing worlds over LAN.  Chances are if you want to sync your minecraft worlds across devices you're going to have them in the same area, so doing it over LAN would be reasonable.

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    BHSGaming41895 commented

    You got my vote bro.

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    ForgeLogical commented

    This would actually make map making on Xbox One so much easier.

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    gaberilde commented

    also a sync from xbox 360 to xbox one because it has been removed in this version

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    LegoLover1250 commented

    Yes! I was thinking the exact same thing.

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    Stevoisiak commented

    I was considering picking up Minecraft on Switch, but decided not to once I realized I couldn’t transfer my world from PC without subscribing to a monthly service.

    I don’t mind not having automatic synchronization, but some way to transfer worlds across devices would be appreciated.

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    BardockEldar1 commented

    This is really a needed feature. For beginning we should be able to sync with onedrive space at least if there wont be a free cloud storage for minecraft first.

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    BB6amer commented

    they really need it... if you can sign in on any platform use THAT cloud service tho, less for Mojang to do then...

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    demonslayer688 commented

    Could be done using the Xbox live gold cloud storage system using one drive. Manually downloading and uploading a world would be great. I know it will never happen but in the menu that is added with this, please add a world converter for java/legacy/ps4/bedrock!

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    wolftech029 commented

    Can agree 100% for console players who want custom skins but cant but also have ios or android with Minecraft on it to change their skin easily. :D

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    JakeCherry97 commented

    Or option to sync them on OneDrive

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    DavidM1Craft commented

    Microsoft could do this via Onedrive since it is owned by it

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    OriDargonfaxe commented

    Yeah this would be nice. I even made a concept image of it! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/223499130247446529/503856346836369408/Minecraft_Cloud_Save_Concept.png

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    TubsO28 commented

    I would love to be able to play the same world with a friend on any platform that I choose. I would spend time on Xbox doing something and then jump on my switch and go downstairs to play on a comfy couch. I would love to able to let one of my friends using their switch or phone to play on my Windows 10 world as we sit in my room. I would like Minecraft to be touted as an Xbox Play Anywhere title an act like one. These are all Ideals and I understand they are all not possible, but dangit it so so make the game more appealing to play. I'm even okay with paying 5$ a year on top of Xbox Live Gold to do all these things. And if the biggest reasons these ideas aren't being reached for is because of Realms I do not see a good future for this game and its business practices. Give the people of legacy consoles a reason to jump on bedrock other than you guys stopping updates, make a more positive reason than negative.  

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    NeatVeryCool commented

    Will defiantly purchase Minecraft for switch if this is added

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    FromKohaku4 commented

    Please. I want to tranfer my ps4 world to pc.

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    TViper1107 commented

    Please do!


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    DigiCraft66 commented

    I like the idea but I am not sure by implementing this feature into the game maybe cause some problems like:

    1. resource packs and behavior packs which are applied on world which might have content that is from another game franchise or content that is not on the marketplace.
    2. Some problems when importing world to nintendo switch to xbox one or nintendo switch might have some problems.
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    TheEpicSoda397 commented

    This could work via OneDrive

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    MadMojo commented

    Microsoft already syncs this data/save information over their Live services. It shouldn't be too difficult to have them be available for sync'ing after player gets logged into Live on the PC or another device. Would be nice. =)

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