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Different Dog Species Relative to Biomes

under review


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    Dallas E. commented

    I think it’d be cool if there was also a stronger wolf variant for Mountain biomes, in order to help give the biome more of an identity. These Mountain Wolves would be larger in size, have a mixed fur color (I.e. the iconic black, grey, & brown wolf fur), have more health, move quicker, and would become hostile at night. Taming a Mountian Wolf would also require a lot more time and patience, but would act as an excellent guard dog for a player’s base.

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    harry holden commented

    In the savannah you could have hyenas or African wild dogs

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    This is a nice idea.


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    Nathan Day commented

    I agree

    I also think that there should be African Wild Dogs for the savanna

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    Xaenia commented

    they should do what they did with the cats! like where the players submit a picture of their dog to get added into the game!

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    CCpotatoWJ commented

    I love how you included a ding! I feel like we don’t have much Australian things in minecraft 😄


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    Esmee Moon commented

    Good idea! I so hope this gets put in. And I love sewords idea!!!!! I hope there’s more skins for dogs added too!

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    They should have a small, fluffy, white dog for the snow biomes! That would be adorable and would make sense since it needs to be warm in the snow and could hide in the snow to protect itself from predators.

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    Julia D commented



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    I like that idea! I like the idea of the dog matching the biome. And dogs being apart of the village when the village spawns.

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    GAMERSHEEP972 commented

    Yesss! I really would love to see dingos!!!

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    CaptnPlayz commented

    Great idea! I would love to see this added to the game.

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    Don't you mean wolves? It is stated in (Updated) About the Mobs, Animals, and non-Huminoids Area they ask that you [and I quote], "Please avoid suggestions that are too similar to existing mobs or just variations on a theme! You know you're veering too far into this when you're like "it's a X, but (feature) instead".

    When talking about a certain animal like the wolf, don't go off into it's variants because that is now off topic. This was added after this though, so I'm just saying for next time!


    With that said, I love this idea! A different wolf for each biome!

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    Onix Rivera commented

    Please make this happen, i also think it would be a good idea if each of them had different abilities and different height.

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    I love the idea. Would definitely love to see my husky is the game!!!

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    NonforrInc commented

    Perhaps in the Savanah, should Hyenas be added, that can be the dog breed there. Or even manned wolves https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360053331891-Hyena