How can we make the biomes and dimensions you explore better? What biomes or dimensions are we currently missing? Why do we need them and what makes them unique?

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    huntmom06 commented

    I would like some more details, other than palm trees, and bamboo, like what would they look like, how big are they, how rare are they, what are there benefits? Doin that would give more detail to your suggestion, and would really make it better.

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    Alejandro Baars commented

    Good idea. I think these oasis should spawn near villages, since it would make sense to build a village next to a water source.

    The palm trees should be slightly bigger than oak trees in height, and have a structure comparable with acacia trees, but with different leaf generation. It could also be an opportunity to add bananas.

    Rabbits should be programmed to go to a water source every once in a while. Since the desert lacks water apart from oasis, they gather around the oasis, making it a good place to set up a rabbit farm.

    However, to counter this, I think it could be a good idea to add some sort of predator too, like snakes. Snakes can be spread over different biomes and also have the water searching behaviour. They can hunt the rabbits and are neutral unless provoked or hungry, more or less similar to their natural behaviour.

    So a rabbit rework, a new mob and a new type of tree. Could bring more life into the wastelands that are the deserts.

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    GR DIAMONDS2000 commented

    Adding oasis always seemed like a neat idea, but I think Minecraft itself is the fundamental flaw of an oasis...

    You see, in naturally generating worlds, biomes are not very much far apart from eachother. Oasis, given that they should have a respectable size in a simultaneously not very big but very common desert biomes would make oasis not feel like much of an occurrence, unless they are super rare. But even then, probably 200/500 block away in any direction there is another biome, which 99.9 percent of the time would feature water, if thats a forest, a savanna, an ocean or an iceberg.

    Also, considering deserts as dull and boring is definitely false. Mind you, in deserts there are the most structures you can find in a single biome, tying only the ocean biomes( if you consider the Buried Treasure one), which are the villages, the temples and the super rare wells. Lets also not forget the super rare Mesa Deserts, which you might consider a new biome, they are still deserts to their core, just very rare at that,  with different blocks and generations.

    Honestly, if you look in other biomes, the desert is one of the least in need of an overhaul in my opinion.

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    CactusWrangler commented

    palmtrees and bamboo yes amazing

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    승헌 전 commented

    It would be nice adding oasis specific fish types as item and mob, IDK if kilifish fits but they would be nice, also cichlids would.

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    Gustavo De Assis commented

    Es una idea muy buena lo del oasis en los desiertos con palmeras. y cocos en la palmeras ya como en la vida real que el coco se a bebible

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    Henrik Mittelholzer commented

    Oasi should have a village around or at least near them, like Alejandro Baars pointed out. 

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    TheGrumbleBum commented

    I think you could add some mango trees and mango+mango juice.



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