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    sninjago commented

    There’s a command that allows you to do that (in Java edition), in BE you can only hope your redstone contraption works XD

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    SuperCreeper404 commented

    I think the only thing that should be added is a /lock command to lock chests in BE.

    We can use redstone in survival and I like that!

    The land claim is a good idea, all claimed land could be stored in separate files and by typing /reset you'd be able to delete all non-claimed chunks.

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    Aidan Hinrichs commented

    LockettePro is a plugin that allows you to do this. That's all you can hope for.

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    Eagan Cunningham commented

    Make something separate that you can attach.  

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    Geisl01 commented

    I don't know if a passcode system would be something I suggest, but I'd certainly- at the very least- support a locking system for doors and chests.

    Maybe once you lock a door, only you can unlock it but others cant, and it could be locked by crafting a key you only need to lock. Maybe this key, once the door is unlocked by the player, would return to their inventory until they wanted to lock again

    Additionally, there might could be some form of system where a key can be shared among users of a group or individuals selected by the owner, not sure..