How can we make the biomes and dimensions you explore better? What biomes or dimensions are we currently missing? Why do we need them and what makes them unique?

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    Other than the snow and villages, that is the Nether.

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    Claysoldier007 commented

    Woah woah. You started with a great idea. And th3n it’s blew up(puns) if the volcano was mountain sized, but not enormous, having basalt, black sand, white sand, magma, lava, and obsidian, and erupted now and again that would be awesome! If you found any lakes generated in the biome, they could hot springs!

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    ImmaNugget4038 commented


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    GR DIAMONDS2000 commented

    While a neat concept, its too complicated for my taste. You are adding whole new MECHANISMS in the game, not just blocks and structures. Erupting would be very difficult to pull off and actually make it have an effect on the player, like actual lava filling the whole place up. Honestly, not my thing.

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    TheMcExplorer commented

    Actually, we have most of the effects/mechanics needed to simulate an "eruption." Let me reference a few blocks/mobs that have said effects/behaviors that could help make a visually appealing eruption.

    1. Lava already has a particle that sparks of the lava block. (increasing the number of these particles when the lava is rising could help make it look more like an eruption)

    2. Furnaces have smoke particles.

    3. when it snows snow layers pile up gradually. (Also, if you place a lava block in the air and cut of its source before it fully spreads, if you look closely, a very thin sheet of lava will start to fall to the ground. So in a way we already kind of have thin lava layers)

    So I guess its just a bunch of particles with rising lava. As long as the particles are in a moderate amount it shouldn't cause to much lag for a rare short event.

    Sure, it'd be a little complicated to actually code out, but anything worth having takes work to earn. Complication/a little elbow grease shouldn't be a reason to count out a good idea. Especially if it adds a nostalgic air of realism to the game that could also pose a slight obstacle for the player.

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    leduyquang753 commented

    I have my idea here of the same topic:

    There will be a very rare chance that there is a volcano on the ground. It will be made of stone and obsidian, stretching to bedrock. Inside will be filled with lava.

    However this may lag weak enough computers.

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    Zarrlord commented

    I think the volcano idea has some real merit since lava is already in the game.

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    Braedyn Vest commented

    World height doesnt go above 128 blocks unless ur in amplified, i k a similar game that had lag bc the build height was so high and it had to be brought down to 128 blocks

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    VestingApe91769 commented


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    Karakuri demon commented

    I like the idea of a volcano biome. I think ash blocks and ash layers would be great also. They could spawn around the the volcano.

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    Zalaxci commented

    We already have the nether, but it would be really cool (especially since it can erupt) and mojang could also add basalt (that cooled black lava block you said)

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    Badorick commented

    it would be pretty cool to wander around and find a huge volcano the size of a biome


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    Blast Burner commented

    I love things that involve fire and lava!

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    martinvillam commented

    Very cool idea but don't make it erupt.

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    AleMar07 commented

    Esta idea es la mejor

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    TravelByTrain commented

    For "erupting" the volcano can just be constantly pouring a lava river out of the erupting side.

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