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Allow Chest and Hopper Minecarts to Ride Boats.



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    Please note the announced is for BOATS ONLY.

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    I've thought of this too - it would make for a really nice fishing trip vibe that isn't currently possible. However, wouldn't it be simpler just to add a Boat with Chest item the way we have a Minecart with Chest? It'd be crafted with Boat + Chest and it would essentially be a boat with a chest stuck in it that can be interacted with. Either way, voted

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    I agree that a boat with chest item would be cool.  Especially since boats currently have two seating spaces, the chest could take the back one.  It would also be good protection against puffer fish deciding to get into your boat with you while you’re paddling around a tropical ocean and turning your boat into a poison death trap.  Maybe an added feature of a boat with chest is it cannot pick up ambient mobs?  So you don’t come back to you boat to find some random mob decided to get into it and thus you cannot.

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    @ClayGoddessSari All things I would be happy to see implemented!

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    IxSkjI commented

    maybe even put a chest on the back of the boat, so that two players can sit in it. I think that would look quite nice

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    Oswaldian 6th commented

    I agree with you, and a simple way to attach boats would be handy for transporting over water. There also should be a way to attach mine carts as well.

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    Henry Orsagh commented

    I agree with everyone else, just have a boat with chest; but I love the idea. Maybe the chest is equipped similar to a donkeys saddle bags instead, idk if that would be better or worse just an idea.

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    Rripshot commented


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    JalThePlaya commented

    Oh CivetKitty. Never thought i would see you here, other than PhoenixSC streams. Anyways, yeah this sadly lost. It is coming later tho!