Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things!

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    Cephalosquid commented

    Agreed, but with how rare emeralds are compared to the other minerals, I think it would be better to place them at a higher tier. Maybe emerald equipment could have the same mining speed/protection/damage output as gold equipment, but with a durability closer to diamond?

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    DefiantEmerald1 commented

    I think that given how rare emeralds are, they should perform on a level between iron and diamond

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    CloudierAgate05 commented

    Why does this have so many votes? This adds nothing of value, its just another armor no one would use.

    I think it would be way better if it had a bonus of better deals with Villagers or something.

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    miner0828 commented

    I think it shouldn't be that weak, but instead a rival of diamond armor. For example, diamond might provide better strength, but emerald could have better protection. So far, emeralds have no purpose but for villager trading. This would add another aspect to the game that has you decide whats important, like silk touch vs fortune 3.

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    Nox cgt commented

    The reason the emerald equipment items are so low in stats is because you can trade with Villagers to acquire emeralds in mass amounts.

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    Mongocom111 commented

    Maybe only tools but no armor. 

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    LordAnoosium69 commented

    Emeralds are used in this game as currency, and much like gold in real life (when it was still used as currency) it is redundant to use it as anything but currency and decorative reasons. Armour and weapons made of this material should not be undertaken for the sole reason that it is meant only to be currency and decoration

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    Jungømø Rey commented

    Maybe emerald items are much easier to enchant and have stronger enchantments?

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    PizzaPro5575 commented

    Maybe more damage output?
    But really cool

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    Braedyn Vest commented

    We can still do the emerald stuff but add a new type of emerald that can only be mined with an efficiency diamond pickaxe. The emerald is Perfect Emerald, found in emerald ores (normal ones) and cannot be traded with villagers.

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    Mohammed Khawaja commented

    Yea but you CAN just trade with villagers"

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    Never Ever commented

    So, I like it to, but I think it’s to soon for those tools

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    mrPuNcH18 commented

    This would add nothing to the game; furthermore it would be a waste of processing space! Sorry to shoot down your idea though :) 

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    Unbiunium commented

    We definitely don't need another tier of armor or weapons, especially a gem set. That's just my opinion though.

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    Aban Sainz commented

    Green being my favorite color, and given how easy the game has come to be, I would definetily wear emerald armor and tools, even if they are worse than diamond, but they should be made out of emerald blocks so you can't get mass amounts of them and or make it so you can only get them through chests, emerald could be to diamond like chainmail is to iron, but let emerald have a little advantage like have better enchantments.
    I really like the idea and you have my vote.

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    Daviguistk commented

    I think that, because of the rarity, it should be stronger/ or more durable than diamonds

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    SageBucket82331 commented

    Porque muy emerald amour it will be so cool of hoy guys and i will recomend minecraft yo all of my


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    xROSSxISxBOSSx commented

    i have been wanting this ever since it came out on console, you are the best person ever.

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    UneatenPancake7 commented

    Emeralds are only good for currency it would be nice to see some green tools and armor show up in the game.

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    Jfacemcsmashems commented

    I feel so much less lonely that someone thinks the same way I do. :)

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    wizkid744 commented

    I think Emeralds are too easy to obtain from villagers and it wouldn't add anything to the game. 

    Perhaps if you made an emerald crown that took the helmet slot or belt that took the chest plate slot they offer no protection but could offer you bonuses for example...

    - pointing you to the nearest village (that might be better as an emerald compass)
    - increased chance of refreshing/upgrading a villager after trading
    - increase chance of iron glolem spawning
    - Iron golem follows you (like a sheep does when holding wheat)
    - automatically unlocks the second trade level of villagers without having to trade with them
    - ...

    but emerald weapons, armour and tools are a waste of resources in my opinion.

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    Rubens Costa commented

    Deveria ser mas forte que diamante!

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    itz46reyalP commented

    Great idea but I feel that emeralds are rare so they should be stronger maybe between iron and diamond

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    Geisl01 commented

    I disagree that emeralds should be so weak that they'd be in between two forms as useless as wood and gold. They're rarer even than diamonds, however if realism was to be incorporated, the toughness of diamond cannot be matched here, such that a strength between iron and diamond would indeed be reasonable.

    Of course, if we went by sheer rarity alone, emeralds should be stronger than diamonds.

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    Aban Sainz commented

    Emerald tools should get better enchantments, like gold tools, have less durability than diamonds but have the same armor points or a bit less and be able to be crafted.
    Or they could have a tiny less durability than diamonds, same protection from armor and be faster than diamond tools but only be found on treasure chests.

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    Vedat YILDIZ commented

    Well, maybe it gave you a status effect it would be interesting. Maybe increased luck or smt useful at combat.

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    Erik Wilson commented

    I like this. However, I think emerald items would have to be made with gold, rather than sticks. I also think they should be ridiculous to enchant, having much higher levels that other things.


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    TravelByTrain commented

    This is a bad idea. First of all, they said not to put in stuff that's already in mods. Second of all, emeralds tools, weapons and armor just straight up aren't necessary or practical. The only way to get enough is too excavate entire mountain biomes and trade with villagers endlessly, and emerald just isn't something you would make a tool out of.

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    DarkLink011899 commented

    I’d say maybe the tools being about as good as iron (if but a little better), and armor being just under diamond considering the rarity. 

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    AlesDvran commented

    Nope, to much armors

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