Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? What would they do? How would they look? Why do we need them?

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    Nova "inkycatz" Barlow commented

    Are those berry bushes I spy?



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    JurscBeaver commented

    With the addition of fruit trees, the apples should either be moved to their own tree, or the oak tree renamed to apple and another more oak like oak tree made that drops acorns, as well as other nut trees.

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    StarKittychu commented

    Hello there! I’m Star! Could you please add a list of trees and bushes? And  some detail? I’m interested in this idea!

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    ClayGoddessSari commented

    Minecraft seems to value simplicity over adding all the things, so I think it should be just an apple tree, or add one or two new fruits to go with it.  While the vast array of fruit trees available in modded can be fun, they just don't seem to fit the vanilla game.  My first thought would be apples, pears, and peaches.  However, I'm not sure if those are too similar in idea and form.

    Similarly, a single berry bush that perhaps doesn't even specify which kind of berry might be appropriate.

    Both the trees and the bushes should grow the fruit in some way so that the plant doesn't have to be destroyed for the fruit to be harvested.

    These new fruits would add amazing new forager style / early game food sources and open up new fruit based recipes, such as fruit salad (include melon?) and fruit pies.

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    Espenjok3r commented

    I totally agree with this idea. Maybe you should also add a basket to the game like you use the basket to harvest the fruits! to make a basket you need sticks of it is the same craft idea like to make a chest plate. Wouldn't that be cool?

    and if you punch the tree, the tree will have the same effect as if you punch a boat, so if you punch the tree many times enough, fruits will fall down!, would also be pretty cool, and then you pick it up with the basket ^.^ haha

    sorry for my english ^.^ haha

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    YoLovely commented

    Peach, Avocado,Coconut,Grapefruit,Lemon

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    Fireytaste commented

    Here's a list of fruit trees/ bushes I was thinking of: banana trees, cherry trees, coconut trees, orange trees, Apple trees, olive trees, pomegranate trees, strawberry bushes, rasberries, peach trees, plum trees, honeydew, cantelopes,
    blackberries, & grape vines they kind of count as bushes right?

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    Dianna5 commented

    I think there should be raspberry bushes and blackberry bushes. Also orange, mango, pear, plum, and apple trees. 


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    Lunarshadows57 commented

    I totally agree with this. They should also add more pies and food items as well. It great that we get pumpkin pie, but what about apple, cherry and the many other flavors of pies. Also cooking the fish with lemon. It'd be awesome. 

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    Henrik Mittelholzer commented

    Please add blueberrybushes & blueberries to the list! 

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    donaldo saliaj commented


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    Mark Abernathy commented

    Congrats to the Berry fans!


    I've got a sneaking suspicion that they'll name the berry, "Lingonberry". 


    Lingonberries are native to Sweden and red just like in the video.  "There's nothing quite as Sweedish as eating fresh berries".  (They are suspected to be the main flavor of the candy Swedish Fish).  They have many other nicknames, including "Foxberry" ... so I bet those foxes also liked the idea of berries for Minecraft!


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    Baroquetroll commented

    If they are easy to harvest, just a right click thing, that gives you a berry and changes to block and texture to "not have berries", that reset after some amount of random ticks without breaking the bush, and if the barriers only give half a food stick, then they could be fairly common without competing with any other food source, but still [as someone mentioned] be a good starter food, but also especially if you prefer to play vegetarian, which can be pretty difficult and grindy in the beginning as it is now.

    Maybe just like with the leaves on trees, have 16 different variants that act the same, but are different barries that spawn in different biomes. Fun little extra reason to explore for ppl that like to have cute farms!

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    Vinicius Lino ferreira commented


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    ImmobileTulip26 commented

    Apple trees should be added. And one time someone from Mojang said something about cherry trees.

    By that, we know what trees can be added.

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    SuperboyXd16 commented

    ¿En verdad son nesecarios los árboles y las vallas frutales?

    Si usted creo que si es un buen  método para obtener más alimentos no soltar los mismos de siempre carne o plantas ya que le daría más velleza a la naturalesa y al paisaje ya  que solo son árboles y los arbustos y a todos les encantari a todos sería más realistas y pongan que cuando lo toquemos y tenga vallas se nos ponga en el inventariado.

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    Medal2001 commented

    I have some ideas for trees and animals we could make nests from sticks,add birds,and egg baskets, i have plenty of ideas i will share later on hope you enjoy 


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    daniel shaughnessy commented

    To get the fruit/berries use shears on the bush like you would to a sheep.


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