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Bear varieties

under review


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    Please see: 


    We're super excited about these updates and look forward to seeing further discussion on this idea here. 

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    MindBlown101 commented

    I agree. Just having the polar bear is just....sorry to say this but...boring. They were able to do this with rabbits so maybe for bears too. They could change the spawn egg to just 'bear' and the skin could vary depending on the biome.

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    I love this and fully support this idea.


    I would suggest Black Bears be in the Taiga, Brown Bears in the Forest, and Pandas for the Cherry Blossom/Bamboo biome if one is added.



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    Raphael M commented

    I like the idea :)

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    TheOwenMazz commented

    Yes! they already have the model and basic textures there in the game already! just need to add variants for biomes!

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    JoebAKL commented

    Add Blackbears then Make bears able to breed. Then as a secret achievement if you Breed polar bear with black bear you can get the rare Panda bear.

    A great thing about Minecraft is that things don't need to make sense.


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    StarKittychu commented

    They already announced pandas! Isn’t that great? But, grizzlies are a good idea! I WANNA CUDDLE ONE!!,

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    I would never want to cuddle a grizzly bear.  It’s a baaaad idea...

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    i agree im working on a zoo RN so it could be helpful for us zoo makers ,animal savers and pet keepers

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    PolarMammoth commented

    brown bears or grizzly or whatever you wanna call them should Ben halfway between the polar bear and panda in size, maybe less wide than the panda perhaps it could be about 16 pixels wide at the widest part (so still wider than the polar bear) but slightly shorter in length than the polar bear at 30 pixels long (but still longer than the panda) maybe, however it could be shorter in length if they reduced the panda in size a little as it does seem a bit too big in my opinion.

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    Badorick commented

    and they could drop claws that you can equip and give you abilitys depending on the type of claws

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    Mc Rat commented

    I agree. They added Polar bears, and now Pandas. Why not add brown or black bears to complete it.

    The Polar bears aren't that interesting, but at least they add some atmosphere. It would be easy to make a reskin for other biomes. Maybe they would eat from the new berry bushes.

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    Itsjanyhere commented

    Misschien is het een idee om een ​​dierentuin te maken met leeuwen en zwarte panters en dat ze je kunnen aanvallen en misschien olifanten en zeedieren zoals een zeehond of een walvis en misschien bepaalde blokken met dat thema. Ik hoop dat ik geholpen heb en dat jullie dit lezen!

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    Calev Berger commented

    You could breed a polar bear with a grizzly bear to make a pizzly bear (real hybrid animal) and get an achievement.

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    Bears in real life are lonely and territorial creatures, so there would be only one or two bears in a bunch of chunks that could represent his territory, if the bear sees a player or another mob in his area it would chase him until his target got out.

    To recognize his territory there could be his footprints and scratched trees (trees with some stripped logs).

    The interaction of the bear with the environment would be:

    • edge his claws on the trees turning the logs in stripped logs.
    • scratching his back on the tree.
    • every (number of ticks) the bear becomes hungry so he goes out of his territory and consumes the first resources of food he finds until he's full. He could fill his belly killing passive mobs and consuming berries.

      (optional) maybe every bear could have his own diet (like the panda and his behaviors) a carnivore's one where the bear hunts mobs he finds (wolves, foxes, rabbits...), a herbivore's one where he eats berries, crops, mushrooms (and kills mooshrooms) and a fishing one where he swims in a river and kills fishes.
      Otherwise you could make the bear omnivorous and approaches towards different mobs in different ways.
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    CorePaladin commented

    Do reskins by biome like they did with the rabbit

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    Edw4rD14 commented

    Yeah and I think they should have more mob interactions. For example the black bear in taigas would battle with wolves for territory, and both would battle over a rabbit or cows. Also since foxes are the fastest they could try to avoid the bears hunting them. Also deer would be amazing just so that the animals can hunt them

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    I don't really know if anyone has said this, but maybe just like the skeleton horse a kinda like skeleton bear would be cool to have idk haha

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    I desperately want not only more bear types, but to be able to train them!! Using fish or something! It would be more difficult than training a dog or cat but it would be so worth it because they could assist you in combat. Please devs!!

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    Blast Burner commented

    I'm down for it.

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    Kylie W commented

    I know pandas were already announced, but I'd love to see black and grizzly bears!

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    Bendygamer555 commented

    I love to add bears

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    I want to see bears too! How about getting their trust with fish?

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    ya very good, i'am a first nation, that means my tribe likes Bears, so 100% i would like them in the game.


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    But what is the purpose? We don’t want another polar bear that has no use, maybe they drop a fur made for a different type of Armor?

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    that sound like a great idea

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    HairyNugg3t commented

    Make the bears eat the berries

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    Asa Wilde commented

    We already have pandas and polar bears do to complete the set grizzly bears should be added into those taiga biomes with the really tall trees. And maybe even koalas as well

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    Pregnanturtle commented

    Grizzly: Taiga Black bear: birch forests/woods brown bear: woods

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    Takashishiful commented

    I'd love if they added some bears in forests made the daytime overworld a bit more dangerous. What if a bear's hostility was directly affected by how much food you have on you?