How can we make the biomes and dimensions you explore better? What biomes or dimensions are we currently missing? Why do we need them and what makes them unique?

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    superflowagamer commented

    And meteorietes


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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    Aha! I actually submitted a suggestion a few days ago with an earthquake natural disaster. (includes fault lines, shaking, and building collapse)

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    REDPANDAKID2007 commented

    I agree. It'd be cool if there were tornados, earthquakes, volcanos, and other natural disasters.

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    Michael Lopez Jr commented

    As a mater of fact, I heard some of the developers mention about tornados and natural disaster; this could be possible...

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    Bilbo Baggins commented


    I forgot to include my link with the comment.

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    MCPEGaming103 commented

    I voted! Also, plz add tsunamis

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    CraftyAdvnturer commented

    Mojang has already stated that they will not add natural disasters

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    JaySnowy commented

    Super agree we need them. They can do this as a mode or even option 



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    Julien Collemiche commented

    The developers talked that they once made tornados and volcanos and all that kind of stuff but said it was unfair for the player that put 200 hours on its minecraft city in survival or made a pretty house or just want to play peacefully to have a meteorite to destroy everything they worked for, and I thing they are right

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    Lily mulupi commented

    Two things: the natural disasters should have no effect on buildings and things the players make, and you should be able to turn them off in settings if you want to. But this WOULD be really fun to have!

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    MagicDiamond40 commented

    Toggling them in settings is a good idea. And you should turn them on in survival mode to see if you could survive. Because that's what survival's for.

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    Noracut commented

    meteorietes , Huricans , Vulcanos , Blizards , Earthquakes , etc

    Whit Gamerules and some optimizing options would add an hole level to the games Thumbs UP

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    TinglyButton987 commented

    natural disasters that add more life to the minecraft world would be awesome. i don't want tornados or anything that would mess with blocks, but volcanos that spew out lava that cools overtime, meteorites that bring down either a rare metals that are not found in the Overworld, cool new stones to build with, etc. Certain natural disasters would not be viable such as tornados, hurricanes, etc. ones that could damage and throw around blocks or ones that require entirely different and new mechanics (like hurricanes) to mess with the water physics. i like the idea but i think only certain ones would work as of the current mechanic available in minecraft. 

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    PumpkinGlint743 commented

    maybe only in hardcore mode

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    anotherMIsa commented

    If they're adding natural disasters it HAS to be non destructive somehow, because It would suck if you made something and a volcano destroyed them all

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    LobstersSkating commented

    i think that if they happen, it should be toggleable or available in hard mode. itll make hard mode a bit spicier, and would overall be cool. 

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    Viftie Stuff commented

    Some slight things that won't destroy all of your legacy would be SO cool :D

    I can imagine blizzards or sandstorms but stuff like volcanos, meteors, earthquakes and so on can destroy everything.

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    GodRage Aonwa commented

    This kind of "heavy" natural disaster must happens ONLY over newly generated area. Otherwise players will loose their hardly made buildings. :)

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    Niek Tempert commented

    I don’t ready think it’s a good idea that natural disasters can destroy your world but I think that deserts are just not very desert like, it may be a good idea to give the desert a event that is just a sandstorm and it makes it very difficult to look far when you’re outside, just like rain but even more annoying

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    JuicedPrism113 commented

    What about tornadoes don't affect most blocks, but they could pick up mobs and players and throw them into the air, to make them dangerous. Maybe they can also rip leaves off trees?
    I wouldn't really mind if a meteorite strike hit my house, its part of the survival experience. They could make a fiery crater and there could be some remains of extra-terrestrial metal in it?
    Finally, what about rare shooting stars in the sky at night (pure aesthetics)?
    Maybe earthquakes could shake gravel and sand down (sometimes they generate floating)?
    Please add HAILSTORMS, the player would receive some continuous damage from being in it.

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    Dewniel commented

    I totally disagree with this idea, it takes the building out of minecraft, this could be a feature in hard mode but, I feel like it's pretty out of place from the game as it would destroy a ton of buildings which, no one wants. We already hate creepers enough.

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    GloriousPuppy15 commented

    I wamted natural disasters since I started playing this game and I think it would be really fun but I thint there shold be a option to tern it off and on

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    Feral Asar commented

    Actually I would love this idea as it would add so much challenge/fun to the game in my opinion, as honestly minecraft comes off as way to easy sometimes.

    However I think there should be a toggle to turn it on and off, and some like the hurricane as well as the volcano one should be biome specific. Like for example the hurricanes showing up near or in ocean biomes, and volcano should be it's own biome entirely. Other biome specifics would be sudden fires in the savannah biome, or plains biome, and tornadoes being most common in plains biome or forest biome, sandstorms along with dust devils ( maybe? ) being in the desert/mesa biomes.

    Earthquakes, and meteorites I can see happening as super rare events in all biomes, another cool thing is getting an achievement for surviving every natural disaster in the game when natural disasters happen in maps/worlds they're allowed on.

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    Epicbuttercat commented

    This would be AMAZING! but as long as it does not affect blocks because then it wouldnt be good if it destroyed your buildings

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    ditpowuh commented

    I agree. But, maybe they should make a gamerule for it to be on or off.

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    Leighton Paul Alcaraz commented

    Natural disasters would make minecraft more challenging and more fun and can teach people to be very careful next time but also add things/ways to detect and prevent those natural disasters

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    Sakchy commented

    I don't think I would like this, maybe only meteorites or something.

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    Scar Slasher commented

    I believe natural disasters would be a HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE step in making Minecraft feel more alive and less... well... like a dead world.

    I disagree with the whole "we should not even think of this whole idea because people don't want their builds destroyed".

    Make it a toggle, then. The liveliness of the entire game shouldn't suffer because of a subset of the community. Cater to them, but also cater to the community that thinks this would be an awesome idea. This can be easily done by making this a toggle.

    I'd argue it'd be nice to make this default to on, though. Or make it part of a specific new mode or new difficulty.

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    SkyguyB421 commented

    I think this is a great idea! We already have lightning storms, some other things would be awesome! I agree with the comments that destructive things would ruin some aspects of the game, but things like fog, blizzards, hailstorms, and windstorms could be really cool! Also, volcanic eruptions don’t seem like a great idea, but volcanoes do!

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    Umija5895M commented

    I think at least some biome-specific "hazards" would be fun. For example:

    Jungle: thunderstorms would act like a monsoon and you could get "puddles" on certain blocks with sky exposure. These would be same depth as "last" flowing water block and so would not flow anywhere, but they would wash away any blocks that are affected by water, such as redstone, etc. That would force players to take precautions but would not cause destruction to structures, etc.

    Desert: since no rain / thunderstorm you would get a sandstorm. This could move a few sand blocks around and maybe make some small dunes.

    Snowy: blizzard moves snow blocks that pile up next to taller blocks.

    Ocean / River: Wind / waves make boating hazardous (for anyone foolish enough to be out in a thunderstorm).

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