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Natural Disasters


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    Thay can easily do it moders have done it before


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    leondsl commented

    I like the idea of earthquakes, especially underground this could make things quite interesting / dangerous in caves. They could also be used in order to renew gravel and stone underground:



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    SupersuMC commented

    If we were to add earthquakes, they should probably happen around ravines, with the "epicenter" at the ravine's height elevation. They should affect materials based on blast resistance and if stronger materials are used in the path of the "waves", they would protect weaker materials from damage. Whether weak blocks should fall like sand or just straight up drop as items is debatable, but falling blocks will at least enable rebuilding even if one doesn't get to the rubble in time.

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    I would love to see natural disasters in minecraft. I love storms and weather. I think it would be a great idea!

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    Very Good idea but MOJANG said then is never add natural diseaster in Minecraft!

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    Matt C commented

    It would need to have gamerules to change is it can destroy blocks, and you should be able to disable it from happening.

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    Mr Llama12345 commented


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    Cahshwyga commented

    I like it, meteor showers, make floods where it places water blocks that run everywhere, tornadoes that blow blocks around, blizzards which places a few blocks of snow ontop of everything, tsunamis near large oceans, hurricanes which blow you around slightly making walking straight harder and uproots crops, sandstorms in deserts where it makes your view distance and fov low and puts sand displacing everywhere, quicksand in marshes and jungles which suck you down and can suffocate you if you dont build up and cover it, sinkholes in hill biomes where parts of the mtn fall in and can knock you or your stuff down etc. All would be cool

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    tim21904000 commented

    Earth quakes that randomly open raveens would be a cool feature 

    for all platforms 

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    PetohneMatt commented

    For every Biome a different natural disaster would be cool, in the snowy biomes maybe a snowstorm and hail, in plains biomes tornadoes, sandstorms in deserts, in coastal areas tsunamis and in mountains and deep oceans earthquakes and so on...

    Also in my opinion they would have to be fully toggable, a gamerule to turn certain disasters true or false, so you can make your individual mix, maybe you don't like tsunamis because they lag too much, but like to have snowstorms!

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    skye king commented

    it would be REALLY cool if these natural disasters were in specific game modes. Like, in peaceful you get none unless you spawn one in creative, in easy you get little ones, like rainstorms most of the time, with the exceptional hurricane here and there, and as the game modes get harder so do the storms. There should be a tsunami, but not one from the tsunami mod. That doesn't look like a real tsunami. I mean real huge wave.

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    Windash1 commented

    La naturaleza del juego está pobre, agregar volcanes, tornados y meteoritos dentro de la zona causará más tensión y vida al modo supervivencia

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    DevilTyTy4 commented

    This would be really cool and if it destroyed blocks and stuff aswell would be awesome so you would have to make a bunker to survive in and if the disasters lasted a few days as well not just a few seconds

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    I totally agree even just as an option would be nice adding something some people are familiar with maybe snow storms acid rain and floods and droughts as most peolpe should be familiar with these.

    Droughts: This will effect crops cousing them to dry out.

    Snow Storms/ Blizzards: In cod biomes these will acure making it even harder to see.

    Acid Rain: will cause poision effect on player.

    None of these will damage any of peoples builds

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    DarkGold7753 commented

    I think this would be cool if you could toggle this in setting before Making a new world or making a copy of a world you want to add this into.

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    OveridSnakey commented

    Natural disasters aren't likely but if they were to add them I think having earthquakes creating ravines would be cool

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    Oh man I'm down with disasters plz add it

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    boyracer547 commented

    Tornados, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and hail storms that would be soooo fun and cool



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    bquick1314 commented

    Things like volcanoes, earthquakes, blizzards, flooding and damaging storms (maybe even tornadoes) would be really cool! Should probably be able to toggle them on or off in world settings

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    btrentler commented

    Yes and they could be also depended on what biome you are in like sandstorm in desert, blizzard in snow biome, and earthquakes could cause revenues in open places.  Metorites could hit ground and volcanoes could be added that erupt. Near the ocean tsunamis could hit or if it rains a lot it will flood. This would change the game.

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    Add some tornados! I love tornadoes hmmm ❤
    No earthquake!
    Metorites! And add some blocks called "meteorites" and can be smelted into meteorite inggots and can make it into an armour or weapons please

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    egwummy commented

    tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, meteors, typhoons, this would make the game so much more realistic and badass

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    Dino Rex commented

    It will be great if there would be tornadoes, floods and etc. I don’t know how they would code earthquakes, but that would be cool too. There must be an option to cancel natural disasters though, and even if you have them enabled, they must be super rare!

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    jaeden parker commented

    Make it so that it is a setting you can turn on that comes with its own achievments

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    Man, this would be cool.

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    I agree, that is exactly what I was goin to type.

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    I would have this as a optional feature, it would be annoying to have your house and farm destroyed for something that you can't stop unless they add blocks that prevent it but it doesn't sound like minecraft then

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    Steveburger1 commented

    What if they added this but they could only happen in areas where you haven't built much so it doesn't ruin hours upon hours of hard work.

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    DutchNerdbum commented


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    LunaticOrc15 commented

    I so agree! We need this so much! It would be good in my real life world! Just imagine having to build the shelters too! Good block suggestion to go with it is a  bunker block like a new decorative stone brick in white to look like a natural disaster bunker!