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Welcome to the upcoming update of feedback.minecraft.net! This update focuses on categories and organization. 

  • Account support, purchase support, technical assistance: Mojang Support, Xbox Support.
  • Bug reports go here.
  • General feedback: hold those thoughts until our new feedback areas are online! Thanks for your patience!

Important Right Now

Right Now
All current categories are closed on this site for feedback at this time while we prepare for our website changes. While contact us will still be open, please refer to this page if you want to know what is going on with the site and why you can't post. 

May 21 - May 24
Projected downtime of feedback.minecraft.net as we transition away from our current software to our new one. 

May 24 (Projected)
Come back to feedback.minecraft.net with all your great new ideas (the url is not changing)! We'll be ready for you.

Coming up

Looking ahead, your feedback will be sorted by topic, not by platform. Here is how this helps you: 
  • You only need to post your idea in one location. No more having to post the same thing three times to get seen! 
  • This encourages people to focus on keeping feedback in the best place - if you have feedback about MINECON, an idea for a new biome, and want to contribute to a discussion in progress about dragons, there are distinct and easy to find places for each idea you have. 
  • When you post, you are helping contribute to ideas across the entire Minecraft franchise. 
In order to accommodate this new structure, we have decided to take a fresh slate approach and kick off discussion in our new feedback areas with starter discussion topics directly drawn from your most popular feedback. We understand that this may be upsetting to some of you, however you will be able to view the website until May 21 and save your best ideas offline for reposting. Please do this! 

A full visual refresh of the feedback site is already being worked on but is still in the early stages. When we’re done we will fit in nicely with minecraft.net. It is our goal to do this in a "minimal downtime" kind of way - look for that later this year. 

We look forward to hearing your feedback about our new system once we’re back in business and thank you for your patience.

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