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Whether you're a fan of Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Minecraft: Education Edition, Minecraft: Console Edition, Minecraft: VR Edition, or Minecraft Realms, this site is a great place for you to talk to other Minecraft players and submit cool ideas that the developers might not have thought of — the best ones might even end up in-game!
Massive thanks for your help! We’re looking forward to reading your ideas.

The 1.0 update for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition & Minecraft: Pocket Edition is here. Click here to visit the new forum now and suggest new stuff to us!

Attention Gear VR Users

If you are unable to play Minecraft: Gear VR Edition due to the X button not working on Xbox One S controllers, please update your controller's firmware via Xbox One or PC by visiting https://aka.ms/controllerfirmware

Attention Fire TV Users

If you have purchased Pocket Edition on Fire TV prior to 12/19 and want to get the 1.0 The Ender update, you need to install the new separate Minecraft: Fire TV Edition app. You are entitled to get this for free, simply search and download. If you have trouble, please contact Amazon Customer Support.

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How to provide feedback

Please do not post any personally identifying information such as your age, email address, contact information, etc. Feedback which contains this information will be removed.

Using this site, you can suggest new features or share your opinion on others’ submissions by voting and commenting on their entries. Please be nice to each other.

To make it as easy as possible to track feedback, and to stop things getting too confusing, please try to keep each post about just one idea. That way, players can find and vote on your suggestions easily.

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