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    Welcome to the Minecraft (General) category. Please read this first.

    Welcome to this brand new section (created July 2018), which has branched away from the Gameplay category, as it has become necessary (and the gameplay category just wasn't working well for these t...
  • 1 vote

    (Minecraft Movie) Seeing the Red Dragon

    So the Red Dragon was a mob that could’ve been added into the game and seeing that this movie is now moved back into 2022, I would hope that it would make it in the movie even if it was in the actu...
  • 1 vote

    (Minecraft Movie) Seeing the Illusioner

    So the Illusioner is technically in the game and it never got banished so I would hope to see it in the Minecraft Movie.
  • 2 votes

    (Minecraft Movie) Movie should NOT be live-action!

    I know that Live-action/Live-action meets animation movies have been quite a trend right now, but Minecraft, the Movie Should in no way become live-action, and be fully animated. Here's why: Budge...
  • 2 votes

    (Minecraft Movie) Story Idea

    In my opinion the main character for the movie should definetly be Steve. Like imagine. He was the first ever player model in minecraft and the most memorable one. Maybe the movie could include Her...
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    The updates for minecraft pocket edition always come late compared to PC version and others. I say that it should be equal and that what ever PC has PE should have in a shorter time frame.
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    Improve Existing Dimensions First

       Currently, as of 13, April 2019, the dimensions in Minecraft are the overworld, nether, and the end. Over the years the overworld has received a major of new content; this left the other dimensi...
  • 2 votes

    SteamVR Support For Bedrock Edition

    The Bedrock Edition already supports VR through the Oculus Store and Windows Mixed Reality. I would just like a way to play it  through any SteamVR headset so in the future I would be able upgrade ...
  • 2 votes

    (Availability) More platforms for Education Edition

    Add on for people who don't have iPhone or iPad or something that is available and easier to learn everything what they like to learn
  • 1 vote

    (Bedrock) Version release

    Please go back to the days when you would update Minecraft Bedrock to the new versions AS SOON AS the version leaves beta (for example, when the 1.11 beta moves into 1.12 beta, release the 1.11.0 u...
  • 0 votes

    (Bedrock) Recommended Requirement Adjustment

    Minecraft bedrock Edition need reduced recommended requirements, like Intel i7-6500U to Intel i5-7400 and Memory 8 GB to 4 GB, like Java Edition. because it's a bit lagging in Present recommended r...
  • 4 votes

    (Availability) Labo VR (Switch)

    Let the game suport labo vr
  • 0 votes

    Minecraft 3d

    So, this morning I woke up and got on Minecraft and I saw a new snapshot. I loaded up this new version and it was completely different to the normal game! I instantly went on the Minecraft website ...
  • 1 vote

    Full Support for Minecraft on Nvidia SHIELD TV

    Hello, I'd like like to make a suggestion for Minecraft to be fully supported on the Nvidia SHIELD TV. Currently it has to be sideboard which is really frustrating because every time a new update c...
  • 3 votes

    Give Minecraft Java Edition multi core support

    I want Minecraft to be divided into SEPERATE cores so that the cpu does not bottleneck. These updates like 1.13 are taking a toll on Java. So I think that multi core support should be added to meet...
  • 12 votes

    (Java) Minecraft Opensource

    We all love doing amazing things in Minecraft, but the Minecraft Java source code is not the best, so sometimes it's not easy to understand it to create new, impressive features on the Minecraft se...
  • 3 votes

    Why minecraft is dying/less popular (In my opinion)

    Hello Minecraft community today I want to talk about why Minecraft is slowly loosing popularity and what to do to bring it back. So to do that let's go back to the beginning of this give we all lov...
  • 2 votes

    What makes Minecraft so great

    This is going to be a long one, it’s all about why everyone fell in love with Minecraft in the first place and how we can fall in love with it all over again. So let’s start with my story, I’m a 9 ...
  • 0 votes

    Optimize for Java

    I've heard a lot about Minecraft both good and bad, and I think the #1 concern for a major update is for them to go into it and clean up the code so that the game can run better, because MC can eas...
  • 4 votes

    (Availability) Bedrock, Playstation 4

    I play Minecraft on ps4 and I have been playing that edition for a long time. I have always wished I could play java edition but was fine with just another edition (this was before bedrock edition....
  • 1 vote

    2 Minecraft versions

    May you mojang divided Mincraft into 2 difrent versions: One version will focus on your developed combat and adventure system. And the second one will focus on the creative that the game have.
  • 4 votes

    Combining Java with Bedrock in a way

    Hi Minecraft, I am a huge lover of the Minecraft Java, but also love the newer Bedrock Edition of the game. I am sad to be hearing rumors that the Java Edition is losing players, and may not be a t...
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    Ik think it's a good idea to create minecraft cosspatform, because it will bring people together who want to play with each other. Who can't play together now. For example pc with Playstation. This...
  • 2 votes

    Release content updates on Bedrock slower

    Bedrock has been getting an update every month with new content in it. This seems nice, but the problem is that it's obvious that these updates are being rushed. Ever since 1.8, each update has bee...
  • 0 votes

    (Availability) (Java) Ukraine

    Since not so long ago trying to buy a gift code from the Mojang site started to redirect me to the USA only Amazon store page. I have bought a gift three times now, all of them without redirect, di...
  • 0 votes

    Playstation 4

    Am I the only one who wishes they would update the playstation 4 edition and make it more up to date and similar to the rest of the editions?
  • 0 votes

    Classic minecraft

    I just want to play the old minecraft that had survival pvp on servers. No build protection. It was so fun hiding from people and making hidden bases and attacking people.
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    Minecraft worlds use git for backups

    I believe instead of minecraft worlds creating a .zip file every time you backup a world, I think that when a world is crated it creates a git repository and commits any world changes to the reposi...
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    Thank you for staying true to the old days by keeping the Minecraft conole edition up to date yet original  
  • 1 vote

    Bedrock FEELS WRONG

    It just dosnt make sense, I'm a former 360 player, I loved Minecraft, I had put money into it for skins and textures, now with Bedrock Edition/Beta (Xbox One). I only like the fact that there is se...