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    Welcome to the Minecraft (General) category. Please read this first.

    Welcome to this brand new section (created July 2018), which has branched away from the Gameplay category, as it has become necessary (and the gameplay category just wasn't working well for these t...
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    will it ever come back to chromebook because that how i played  
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    One Account = Multi-Play

    I think it would also be a great idea to make it so that you can open up Minecraft on 2 windows, so you don't have to pay for a separate account, and so that you could use 2 accounts on the same wo...
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    Increase Realm player limit

    Increase Realm player limit from 2 to 10 and from 10 to 30 players. Also add an option for a 100 Player Realm please.
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    realistic survival (Bedrock)

    add it as a diffrent mode and can't change once you start. you have to keep track of how hot or cold you are and your thirst. i personally would play this game WAAAY more if this was added and i th...
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    Multiple servers on a single IP address/Add support for srv records

    This would be great for server owners, because we could host multiple servers on a single IP address on different ports and direct multiple subdoimains to each port. This has already been a feature...
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    Ultra Hardcore Gamemode

    Yes, I know, there's already ultra hardcore (where there's no natural regeneration), but my idea was to have an entirely new gamemode that you can select if you want a challenge. This would be hard...
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    Allow non-featured servers to change players name tags on 1.5.   "In a nutshell, they sabotaged nametags on players. They'll update if you're on a featured server, but otherwise not. A partner server dev I k...
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    Creating your own name in minecraft

    The Ability to change your name above. Bye going to host privileges and change your name. Example my name is MCPEDLcom well its not mine but. If i want to change it into Oliver wood instead of that. 
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    Remove experimental gameplay

    i want developer remove a experimental gameplay because i play 1.5.0 dont have a beta feature or aquatic feature please remove this out pleaseeeeeeeee please remove this out
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    Mobile and Windows Version

    I bought the Mobile Version and I don't want to pay for the Windows Bedrock Version because they're absolutely the same.
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    Transfer packets

    Hi, my idea is to add a transfer packet asked by Hypixel Network to connect from AU Server to an EU Server.  It can be useful for have a better bing.
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    MC 3DS Edition can link with player's (optionally)

    The player of Minecraft 3DS Edition can link his account with his account, it can be optional not necessarily. This can support his IGN,Cape and his skin.Please be sure to read this t...
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    Gamemode for Builders/Faster Building (was: A new gamemode)

    We need a new gamemode special to builders. It can have a way of building stuff quicker by being able to place more than one of the same block, or being able to summon “helper” entities which help ...
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    Client-side anticheat

    Allow servers to analyze the code of the client used by players for determine whether or not they use unfair modifications.If Badlion client and cheatbreaker client can, why Mojang/Microsoft can not? 
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    Discount across multiple platforms

    Probably not the right place to state this, but it needs to be out out there. It is and absolute bend over that we are charged full price for Minecraft when we already own it on other platforms! I...
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    Le Build Battle nei server

    Vorrei fossero aggiunte le Build Battle nei server di partner.
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    Discussion: What Makes Minecraft (some tips on vanilla Minecraft Ideas)

    My purpose for this post is to address the diversity of ideas on this site.  We can all share some creative, great ideas.  However, not all of them can simply come together.  Compiling such would m...
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    Please make a utility which can add sea plants into the old-version chunks (Java Edition)

    The Update Aquatic is fantastic! But it's really sad that worlds that are from an older version won't have these beautiful sea plants in a really vast area because 'the chunks are already generated...
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    Bring back the local multiplayer via hotspot

    For now, local multiplayer is need to connect same devices in same wifi, when playing local multiplayer. I wish you should bring back the local multiplayer via hotspot just like in old minecraft ve...
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    Better Together for Fire OS?

    I've been unable to find any mention of Better Together for Fire OS, so I'm wondering if there are any plans for it whatsoever. If not, then I'd like to propose action in that regard. As someone wh...
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    Hide & Seek game mode (was: We need!!! more gamemodes)

    we need more game modes and i think a hide & seek mode would be cool it would be like the hide and seek on hypixel, where you can turn into a block and hide from your friends and when you turn ...
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    The MC gave the netease agent license to break down Mouth bad luck

    Mouth bad luck Mouth bad luck Mouth bad luck Mouth bad luck,player can'not play Minecraft in China ,Because the Netease,player cannot change the int by them selves,cannot join them's server from th...
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    Better Together update on Windows 7

    With the "Better Together" update recently releasing on Nintendo Switch, among other platforms, I found out that the update for PC is only available for Windows 10. Windows versions past ...
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    Super Easy Game Difficulty

    I like playing in peaceful survival sometimes when I'm building so that I don't have to worry about mobs, but I still like to experience hunger and have to worry about food. I cannot currently play...
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    Featured server compatibility

    Make xbox compatible with other servers and not just featured servers
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    Why mods should be on Xbox, PE and PS4

    It allows features to be introduced into a world therefore allowing more fun.  
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    More "togetherness"

    I was thinking, well, you were able to connect the Xbox 1 edition and the Switch edition of minecraft to the PE/Windows 10 world, so they can play together. Can you do that with all of the other co...
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    Why not Xbox One Minecraft on a Windows 10 computer?

    From the tiny views on the maps to the difficult "playing on ice" feel, Windows 10 Minecraft on the computer is very different, even using the Xbox controller. Why not allow the Xbox One ...
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    Pro Realms

    I've searched and couldn't find any "official" feature request about this.  For years (literally) Realms has been where the bedrock players have been able to come together and play, not o...