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Reintroduce sword blocking


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    Maybe sword blocking just blocks less damage than a shield? That gives players a choice between more protection or having the free hand for something else.

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    Dual wielding could be introduced, as could sword blocking, if your off-hand is empty, you can block attacks with your sword, then follow up with an attack. If you time it right, you take no damage, and do a critical attack. If you just hold the block button, or time it wrong, you take half damage instead, if you are hit with an axe, it disables the sword like it would a shield, otherwise, it does not. If you perform a parrying critical while falling, it could be a double critical doing a LOT of damage, and allowing a unique playstyle.

    Sword (or axe) and Shield- defensive playstyle

    Dual wielding weapons- pure offensive (riskier, but does big damage)

    sword only- parrying (most risky, but potentially super strong)

    axe- counter to shield

    splash potions/lava/flint & steel- counter to armor

    Crossbow/spyglass- sniper

    Bow- machine gunning

    Trident- mid-range