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Bane of Testificates enchantment


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    Anything that promotes the killing of Villagers would be frowned upon by the devs. Killing Villagers is not something that is supposed to be done lightly (despite popular belief). Also, applying weakness would potentially be too overpowered.

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    Maybe Slowness instead then, like Bane of Arthropods, or just nothing. The Villager weakness is more to add more variation, as if giving all Villager-nosed mobs their own larger class like Arthropods rather than just 'Villager' and 'Illager' and then the classless Witches and Ravagers etc. It's not exactly to encourage killing them, and you don't get any benefit at all from doing so, just wasting durability and raising their prices or getting an Iron Golem on you. It's like Bane of Arthropods on bees. Bees are not exactly 'meant' to be killed, although they do drop a bit of XP, but because they are an arthropod they're still affected by Bane of Arthropods.