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Removal of the Sharpness and Protection Enchantments


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    No way I love sharpness and protection enchants

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    Enchanting I feel like is very difficult to get right.

    You either need diamonds and obsidian (and loads of books), and a lot of xp, books and lapis lazuli, or a lot of patience (and time) with villagers.

    For your diamond tools you will also need anvils, and a grindstone if you don't want to make 1000 books.


    If you did manage to get a diamond/netherite sword with Sharpness V, well you have clearly put the time (and effort) into it, and it should be enough justification for you to be able to do 10 hearts in 1 hit. Which can also be achieved with a Power V bow.

    You might as well argue that fish farm is op, and I kind of agree. But it's also very finicky, and again, I think, if the (builder) managed to pull it off, he probably deserve it.