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AFrican people (villagers) and Asia and women and LGBTIQQ


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    Villagers (and illagers) aren't designed with real-life variation in mind because they're intended to be genderless, devoid of nationalities, humanoid creatures (as most mobs in MC also lack male and female forms -- plus, they reproduce with each other while lacking genders). They are tan (not as light nor dark) as a middle-ground of a range of skin tones. They aren't male nor female, although the voices could be pitched slightly higher to accommodate a more gender-neutral range.

    While these aspects do NOT fit the base game, there are texture packs that add varying, realistic skin tones and more obvious genders to villagers (and possibly illagers?) for players that want more realism in this sense. Or even mods for villager personality diversity (such as "MC Comes Alive" and its "Reborn" version).