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Обновление месы


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    "Mesa Update
    I was inspired by this idea from one fashion. Mesa is an empty and uninteresting biome, so you need to update it. Add bandits, with cowboy texture and with a pickaxe in hand. Sometimes they go horseback riding and walking in groups. Bandit camps can be found. How they will look is up to you. Add vultures. There will be no aggressive mob. But it will fly over the player, and when the player dies, the vulture will eat all the loot that has fallen. When it rains in other biomes, there will be a sandstorm in the mesa and the desert. At which sand cover will appear. Snakes - will spawn in small burrows. If the player comes closer than one block, the snake will attack and cause poisoning. Termites - will feed on wood. Both out of hand and in blocks. They will live in a termite mound block of five individuals. If you break the termite mound block, the termites will attack the player by imposing a hunger efect.  If you break a termite mound with a pickaxe on a silk touch, the termites will remain inside (the mechanics are similar to a hive) termites will pick up drop-down objects as rushes and take them to the termite mound block. If you break it, the objects will fall out. Toothy beetle - will appear from the ground like a caretaker. If the player stands on it, the beetle will grab it without being able to get out and will slowly devour it. After lunch, the beetle will disappear underground."

    - Translated by Admin