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Ruined Strongholds End Update


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    that would've great considering end hasnt been updated in YEARS. and new music disc for every major update. new strongholds but with ruined strongholds they should add deepslate strong holds too and plank dye with slightly lighter colors

    and new frogs which will save us from shulker bullets would be great and new end food, dyeable elytras and and using grey/gray will turns it into dragon wings and new end structures like end villages and since there is pillager signs in ancient cities end outposts ender raids new golem which can teleport and ender villagers ender pillagers and end mansions end sand and an enderpearl block when powered with redstone buttons or levers
    teleports the player who placed it and it breaks when you use it 5 times and ender arrows when shooted teleports to where your crosshair is which adds a use to fletching table and will be good FOR PERFECT aim as an late game item ender bow which teleports you when you have enderpearls as ammo and it allows us to throw ender pearls over 500 blocks if you are good with it. the end update will EASILY be THE best update of the decade