Biome segregation


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    Dear Mojang,

     I realize you all at Mojang have put a lot of thought into making the biome distribution appear more natural, but not all of us want that. Please consider programming a different set of parameters that makes the bizzare and unusual more possible, maybe at 10% probablilty (even I don't think I would want complete craziness, lol) that all the progamming rules will be ignored and strange locations will occur, such as Mushroom islands in frozen seas, and Swamps beneath towering Taiga Hills, and my favorite, a tall Jungle Cliff stretching along the coast of a Warm Ocean (does that one really sound unnatural?). Maybe these new parameters can be on another set of maps, I'm thinking all odd numbered seed maps could be, well, 10% odd, and all even number seeds have the current parameters you all put so much time into developing. Or maybe it would be easier to make all the negative numbered seed maps the "Fantasy" maps, and the even numbered seeds the "Natural" maps. Happy Holidays! 

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    Honestly if I would sit here to give a suggestion I would to say add different color variations into a biome. Honestly all the biomes give off the same energy, green, blue and brown. Frankly even the Acacia biome is relatively door. Now if the overdid it with color that would make it cheesy. But adding some more life and variety in the scenery would make the game more filled with a wondrous creative feeling.