Plant Grafting


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    Could be realized in the form of a new item, either a grafting 'kit' of some form, or something magical, the devs will figure out what they wanna go with.

    Apply it to one side of a naturally grown log-block, which changes the texture on that side somehow (make it different enough from regular bark textures to be interesting for purely decorative purposes, too) and allows you to place a sapling (in plant grafting vernacular the 'scion') of either the same or a different species of tree.

    Scion saplings should grow like base trees either after a number of random ticks, or when bonemealed, but should of course generate in a different way. Ideally, scion saplings should grow in a variety of ways, dependent on the state of the rootstock tree. Scion trees should require that the trunk of the rootstock tree is intact at least up to the scion sapling's height. On a rootstock tree with an intact canopy, the scion should grow as a single branch. On a rootstock without a canopy, the scion should replace the canopy. Scion saplings grown from the lowest log of a tree should grow as a full tree that ignores the normal space requirements, allowing the creation of arbitrarily large trees. 

    Grafting could be made exclusive to certain kinds of trees, perhaps tree species could be grouped by compatibility, like deciduous trees are compatible to each other, fungus likewise (throw in red & brown mushrooms, those are kinda like trees, too), etc.

    This would fit best into some kind of forest update.