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Dynamic aquatic above-ground features


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    The wetland biome could be a small area of a few chunks where you could find sphagnum moss/ peat. It would be cool if the wetland biome was one you could grow and nurture from a small area and get it to expand by looking after it. This could be done by letting the peat spread onto mud blocks next to it at a similar pace to the oxidation of copper. This would be a great way to raise awareness for the value of peat habitats in stopping climate change, while adding a new fun way to play the game. If the player expands the biome more mobs should start to spawn in the wetland and the water in the biome if moved somewhere else could make crops and other plants grow faster because of all the nutrients in it. Developing peat could have the same property as powdered snow letting the player move through it but if something dies in it then it could leave bonemeal instead of its regular drop.