Taming/Subduing the Warden with a Flute


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    1. That absolutely massacres the horror mood and gameplay they're going for with the Warden and Deep Dark.

    2. The Warden and Sculk Sensors do not hear sounds. They sense significant movements. Jumping while sneaking and walking on wool still makes sound but it isn't detected anyway. The wool and sneaking omit the movement signal; they have nothing to do with sound necessarily. For further proof, Jukeboxes and Noteblocks don't activate Sculk Sensors (nor do Goat Horns). All of that is intentional; kingbdogz said they want the Sculk to be triggered by more physical activity. That's whay they mean by calling them vibrations instead of just saying sound.

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    I think maybe you have to enchant a flute with a very very rare enchantment so then it would be an magic flute and calm down the warden when you play it but it only lasts while you are playing it.