Unique loot suggestion for deep dark cities


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    Minecraft's version of the grappling hook is an Enderpearl. And it's fine. If you want a grappling hook, you can add them with custom datapacks and custom models for yourself. Not so hard to to, but takes some time to master.

    I'd be more curious what the dev's could come up on their own, with the theming in mind - considering how refreshing the new skulk family is. Also I like that they do take their time on things now and not rush some things (at least I like to hope) and leave them half baked like the unfinished azalea tree (oak logs? really?).

    But when it comes to ideas: perhaps some noise cancelling gear, as it could fit the theming, which also removes the nameplate for survival players (creative/op's should still see them for better management), for fun, sneaky pvps?

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    To the comment above: I agree that grappling hooks are unnecessary and won't fit in a block-based environment like Minecraft, and I'd also love them to compe up with their own unique and creative ideas to provide loot with completely new mechanics and abilities, which is clearly what they're striving for. But I have to disagree about the noise-cancelling gear. They said a gazillion times that they are not gonna add anything that allows you to just simply go past the Warden with no need for stealth at all. This would just defeat its purpose and gameplay. The Warden's spawning mechanics make the mob as a whole avoidable and allow for sufficient traversal and interaction, since you can destroy the Sculk Sensors then the Shriekers as you go, essentially claiming the areas that you stealth your way into. This is imo much better gameplay than having the Warden just spawn randomly, since it means that you're in control of your fate and creates progression throughout the biome while keeping that constaint feeling of tension, dread and absolute caution (stealth) lest you make a wrong move or break a wrong block. Any form of nois-eliminating gear or items would absolutely kill that gameplay; the Deep Dark would become just a scary looking and sounding Lush Cave, except with amazing loot.