Implement the losing mob traits to other things


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    Who said they would never be added to the game? I don't get why people are so confused about how it works. These mobs were not discarded; what happened is they're prioritizing which mob out of these ideas to add next based on the vote. This pretty much applies to all votes from after 2017. Losing biomes and mobs are just archived into the idea pile where they might go back to them later if they feel like they're worthy and urgent enough of an idea. The vote is just for prioritization. We're literally having the Swamp update in 1.19 and yet people are still confused. The short answer is they're neither discarded as a whole nor planned for specific updates, most likely. They still exist and have potential to come later, and I believe the Copper Golem particularly is one that we might see sooner given how popular it is and how Ulraf (a developer) said it could potentially have some connections to Archaeology if/when it's added (NO PROMISES).