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End and nether ideas


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    You make a nice little Nether portal and travel. You spawn in a soul sand valley and see a new mob, the Decayed, a gliding, spooky wither skeleton, gliding down at you. Run! You stumble upon a Nether salamander that is a big magma salamander that is hostile, but is tamable. You take it with pork chops and it helps you. Decayed drop normal wither skeleton drops, but also drops silver feathers which are beloved by fletchers. Salamanders drop scales and claws. 
    You go the end and find some end serpents, they are end snakes that slow and poison you, they attack. You soon go to the end village, go past the walls and end archers, and trade for enderanium and make shields and tools from it. You to protect yourself and defeat the Ender Dragon and incubate an egg and get a small little dragon hatchling and tame it. The end serpents drop scales and poison fangs. Lastly, you go to the end lake and fish and get jellyfish and end fish.

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    The nether (or any other future dimension) to have a dragon of its own like the End.