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Please read the pinned post on creating new biomes and dimensions. Remember that individual items, mobs, and structures should still go in their own categories - this is not a category for entire updates.


Warden being the Warden of another Dimension or Biome


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    I've had similar thoughts as well, though Mojang does like to let the lore be player-dependent it would be fun for any number of "hints". I do agree that unless the new dark cities aren't replacing strongholds, they should be tied to some "likely lost" civilization that built the original ruined portals (Possibly strongholds as well). And likely found or created the Warden/skulk system from traveling to a dimension the players haven't met yet, or in response to the war with the civilization destroyed at the end. Now why they are could be mutually assured destruction with the civilization that once inhabited the end, the Warden/Skulk going out of control, or something changed in the overworld they had to move on making a new portal or even using an advanced portal system or dying out. Perhaps in even greater irony, they could be the source of the zombie/skeletons, or ancestors of villagers as well. Knowing Mojang odds are they will throw a little of everything so players will make up the lore, and could do so without adding another dimension right away.