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New Biome for Sky


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    Special Details:
    Luminescent plant: In this biome some flowers similar to hydrangeas appear, always in a weak blue tone. These flowers provide small sources of light for moments of total darkness.

    Small lakes may appear, depending on the size of the biome. The bigger, the more chances to arise.

    Passive Mobs:
    In this biome there is a peaceful mob, being a bird that has a sound similar to that of an eagle. If he is attacked, he flies over and makes sporadic attacks on the enemy. As you don't want to encourage hunting these mobs, they only drop feathers.

    Aggressive mobs:
    Here endermans appear in a rare form.

    New mob: Only in this biome appears a special aggressive mob, which has the ability to become invisible if it becomes immobile. He likes to stay in areas close to the electrolight blocks, waiting for a careless player to come close to attack. When attacking, it inflicts a slow and blinding effect on the player. When destroyed, it has a chance to drop electrolight gems, which can be used to create blocks of electrolight (requiring 9 gems).

    Why would it be worth coming to this biome:
    A new light source would give players a chance to upgrade buildings, giving a bluish light touch to certain buildings. Another point would be the difficulty in finding this biome, seeing that it only appears in certain locations.

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    i want to be able to access

    it in survival