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    I made a post a while ago concerning gilding tools so here is what i have to offer on the matter:

    First: It would make most sense for only netherite tools to have the ability to be gilded. This is because netherite is already made with gold and other stages of the game often pass too quickly for upgrading tools to be worthwhile.

    Second: You said "combine a tool with gold in a smithing table to increase durability". This is illogical since gold tools have low durability.

    Third: To make this make more sense, gilded tools should in my opinion have a durability somewhere between that of a netherite and gold tool. Because this is a drawback, gilded tools would also get better enchants since gold tools do that in game.

    Conclusion: Using a gold ingot with a netherite tool in a smithing table should gild it, making the tool have a gold color name and a different texture.

    A gilded tool would have lower durability BUT it would have increased mining speed and it would be easier to enchant. Gilding tools multiple times could make the tool more gilded and restore its durability. But... be carefull! gilding a tool too much will make it into a gold tool.