Cursed Shafts


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    The exalted caps have two main uses i can think of right now: potions of absorption, and with leech teeth, sapphire, and buckets of lava, the mantle pike, a trident-like weapon that gets similar enchantments, but comes with a fire-aspect affect and when thrown, it applies slowness, not to mention deals 10 damage and has a 1.3 attack rate. Possibly it could also add a type of arrow that has higher base damage made from leech teeth (Can only be imbued with slowness and instant damage as potion effects), as well as using the mushrooms to buff suspicious stew to have an effect power of 3, with the obvious disadvantage of the brief duration of stews.


    Note that the exalted mushrooms will grow only on tuft, and at an 1/7 the speed of normal mushrooms

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    Also the mineshafts overhanging in the huge caves look ridiculous because it's literally just some wood blocks on chains, and looks completely ridiculous and low effor.