Make the caves and cliffs part 2 generation toggleable


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    i don't understand why it's gone in the first place , 

    game is boring now , still the same low amount of diamonds you come across in the nothingness of deepslate , i'm doing 2 trips now of half an hour searching for diamonds , maybe 20-30+ diamonds With fortune 3 , that is !! it's ridiculous and boring , it doesn't last long before i get sick of it and try to find COAL !! which is HARD to come by now too , after a few trips of that i get sick of it too now Because it's so hard to find , the FUN is just OUT THE GAME NOW ... MOUNTAINS up the wazoo that you can't clime and HAVE NO EFFING REASON TOO , so you just stay away from 90% of the TOTAL map , cause in that 90% there are RAVINES , one after another surrounded by mountains , that are ALL places i see and think , ''well ... can't go there , next ...'' but you drive around in your little boat and just keep paddling , and paddling and paddling ... it's all the same bullcrap now when you Do find a somewhat flatter plane , it's full of holes with caves that drop down to level -30 sometimes , well done with this new terrain crap ... where my effing TOGGLE to shut it off ? and play the game i paid for just a couple years ago ? i really tried to like this nonsense , but every time i go for a walk in this new terrain , i make it about 10-15 out and think , WHAT'S THE POINT ? it's all one big MOUNTAIN range , i can go out 3000 blocks , it's the same damn SHITE and i don't like it ...

    can we have minecraft back , please ?