Mimics chest


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    I think this is quite a good suggestion, and would really make exploring areas such as abandoned mineshafts and strongholds more than just a looting quest with no risk at all. although I'd like to add onto this to give more depth to this idea.


    • When a Mimic spawns, it will often take the form of a creature similar to an evoker fang, often turning chests it finds into its shell. It is essentially a easy to kill neutral mob during this state.

    • Mimics would probably have around 18 HP, and with a single bite, should deal 12 damage, a sort of mob that rewards playing smart.

    • a mimic can be detected by looking at the chest. if It starts opening and shutting at a certain pace, it's bound to be a mimic. you can also hear some high-pitched, zany gibberish when getting close.

    • The mimic should be a unique looking mob, unlike how it's portrayed in other games, resembling a pair of fangs surrounded by wooden "petals", which it uses to block projectiles. It is immune to projectiles, enchantments, and potion effects, but can easily be overwhelmed with fire. It attacks by using its tongue to grab players and drag them in before biting.
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    You got a point there, bud