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Golden Underground Rivers


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    Wow! But the gold cave should also have gold variants of normal mobs, and also ruined portals should have an extremely high chance of having a ruined portal, and also zombified piglins weilding golden pickaxes and also partially turned into gold, and if you stay in the gold cave too long, all items in your inventory slowly turn into golden variants (if the item doesn't have a gold variant, it will turn into raw gold, the player will also get a "Golden" effect, causing them slow damage as your vision slowly gets a yellow tint and then they die with a death message saying " 'player' has turned into gold " along with a golden statue in the place you died {the only way to get rid of the gold effect is to exit the gold cave})

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    OP here. I love the suggestion in the comments! A true punishement for being too greedy is an awesome idea. A cursed place where many in the past have fallen for being too greedy! Maybe players would strategize and head down to the cave with a bunch of apples and nothing else to get them to turn golden.

    I think it would be even better if the other items would turn into something utterly useless to make the punishment real for unexperienced explorers, such as poisonous potatoes! Or.... the other items would turn into something else (each item would have an equivalent), and players would go there to do some strange trading with the cave.

    I love the "Golden" effect idea so much!