Rebalance Trading with villagers


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    I wouldn't say it's harder than earlier, it just takes more time and preparation and planning, which is a good thing. But I still agree that Villagers are too overpowered, and it seems to be something they persist on keeping. However, the positives are that now there are so many more reasons to go mining and exploring the underground besides just getting the essential resources. There are now different biomes, loads of new blocks, new caves that are exciting to explore, traverse or at least to see, Ore Veins that are fun to find and mine and provide enough Iron for you to ignore Iron farms, unique gameplay and loot planned for the Deep Dark in addition to 5 blocks that were all teased to be redstone components (including Sculk Sensors), the new Copper Ore that you can mine way more reliably than farm, as you need huge amounts to build with it and its quite a unique block. Before the update, you only needed to go mining for the essentials, then there was really nothing to care about besides Stone and Dungeons. Now there is a lot more incentive for so many different play styles, whether its builders who will absolutely look for new blocks and find nice caves to build bases, or technical players who might enjoy new mining, appreciating the Ore Veins and using Moss blocks for terraforming. There are explorers who will go hunting for the Deep Dark and its loot, stealthing around. So I still think we'll see so many more people continously explore the underground compared to before.