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Enchanting Alternative, Attachments/Upgrades


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    I think enchantments should stay separate from the smithing table, but I agree there should be a way for selecting enchantments. Now a new enchantment table that duplicates from enchanted books or items in proximity or in an interface and for balance it uses more lapis and XP to enchant an item from a book and consumes an item if enchanting from that (resetting/reducing the cost limit) would be epic, and keep the original table relevant as a way to unlock new spells. Could even have books set with a durability/limit how many times you can duplicate from before they are destroyed, making players be attentive to use and making sure to make copies, ergo needing more books and lapis to maintain their stash.

    As for the smithing table, I'd love to see it expand customizing looks of armor and maybe minor buffs for things not covered by enchanting or buffs likely to be covered by enchanting, such as +1 to tool grade [ex. wood can break blocks iron grade tools can and increase durability slightly (no speed, damage, or protection changes)] or enchant-ability increase for a set of tools and armor.