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Skulk Growths and Deep Dark mechanics


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    I love the lore potential, even ties into my own idea the Warden is actually protecting and cultivating the skulk growth and sensors, for what purpose it's hard to say. If indeed the Warden is from another dimension though, I think it needs some sort of interaction with Endermen then as well. Enderman lore-wise are not from the End, and exists in every dimension, meaning either Wardens and Endermen are friendly or potentially hostile towards each other. Now, the interaction could be something simple like Enderman run if they hear a Warden roar (which honestly would add some more tension) or more Endermen spawn in the Deep Dark and the Warden ignores them. Giving some risk of line-up sights with an Enderman (making the duration required shorter), Endermen attacking the player making too much noise and summoning the Warden.